Thanks to Wetransfer webpage we had the pleasure to discover an amazing dance project based on one of the 20th Century most seminal book, 1984 by George Orwell.

Like they said in this article found by chance, the most interesting thing about such project is that a written content is adapted into a wordless artform, and this cannot be leave us indifferent. The characters involved in the making of the ballet are the choreographer Jonathan Watkins and the Northern Ballet from Leeds [UK].

The plot tells the story of Winston Smith, who lives in a world of absolute conformity where his every single action is scrutinised by Big Brother. However, when Winston meets Julia he dares to rebel by falling in love.

The Space, a British platform that helps and commissions artistic projects improving communication skills and promoting the arts, produced a full-length film of  “1984”, that will be available to stream on WeTransfer in its entirety for the next fews weeks.

Featured dancers include Martha Leebolt and Dreda Blow as Julia, Tobias Batley and Isaac Lee-Baker as Winston, Javier Torres as O’Brien, with Matthew Topliss, Ashley Dixon, Sean Bates, Joseph TaylorGiuliano Contadini, Victoria Sibson, Hannah Bateman and Hironao Takahashi. Choreography by Jonathan Watkins; music Alex Baranowski; sets and costumes Simon Daw.

Here’s a movie trailer of the ballet that during 2015 and early 2016 has been on tour to Nottingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Southampton and London.


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dancer-1984 ballet

All photos taken at West Yorkshire Playhouse [Leeds, UK] by Emma Kauldhar in September 2015.