Working as marketing and communication manager for a multibrand company, I’m always up to date on interior design. Making a choice of only 5 pieces for our Best of has been so hard, but finally I selected these product designs that I’m sure I won’t get tired of soon, presented in this 2016. A little bit of Scandinavia, a little bit of Siberia and, of course, Vincent Van Duysen!

VVD Kitchen – Vincent Van Duysen

It was ages since we saw a suspended kitchen with legs, only the Belgian designer Vincent Van Duysen could make them come back in fashion! Stone worktops, wide spaces, glass doors… VVD is the meeting point for minimalism addicted, who does not even want to turn the warmth of classic style down.

Iittala X Collection – Issey Miyake

The dishes are no longer round, squared or oval, but they turn into an irregular pentagon; textiles are made with a special technique that make the fabric keep the folding… The tableware X, created by the Japanese fashion-designer Issey Miyake, is a real blossoming of new ideas!


Moby – Paul Louda

Moby by Paul Louda is a bench -but also a support or a coffee table- that brings you suddenly in a magic world, where whales smell like wood and in their bellies you can display your particular objects.


Svetoch – Anastasiya Koshcheeva

The light through the birches is one of the memories that you surely keep in your heart if you’ve once traveled through Siberia. Thanks to Anastasiya Koshcheeva now it’s possible to bring home that magic with the lamp Svetoch, that makes everything look warm and cozy.


Folded Shelves – Johan Van Hengel

Books with different height and thickness? With the Folded Shelves of Van Gengel for Muuto to balance your books collection there will be no more problems, thanks to its shelves which look like paper origami.