Lei. Vivian Maier – Cinzia Ghigliano

Vivian was a mystery, a spontaneous and naive woman. A nanny crossing the streets of New York and Chicago, wearing men shirts and swearing in French. It was in her leisure time however, that she had begun to venture into the art of photography and it is safe to say she had left us some of the most interesting shoots of the twentieth century. The Lei. Vivian Maier graphic novel perfectly tells the story of her smart point of view on the other and the others. It is a precious version of an intimate diary that will lead you gently in the relationship between the woman and her beloved camera. The narrator? The camera itself.


Frida. Operetta amorale a fumetti – Vanna Vinci

If you haven’t had enough of biography, Frida. Operetta amorale a fumetti will easily win your heart. The illustrations of Vanna Vinci following the amazing and tormented experiences of the female artist give life to an explosive and unique book. Book that proves to be both food for the eyes and the soul. We can assure it will be difficult to resist to its beauty. As for Lei, Vivian Maier the general idea consists of narrating the feelings and the facts of one of the most fascinating women ever in a more unconventional way, while borrowing and paying homage to her aesthetic imaginary. In fact, it is like a kind of personal diary where Frida Kahlo guides us through her life, her passions and troubles, having a conversation with the ever present dark character and companion during her existence, Death. All surrounded and supported by specific references to Frida’s work.


The Trouble With Women – Jacky Fleming

“Can women be geniuses? Or are their arms too short? Why did we only learn about three women at school? What were all the others doing?” are just some of the questions that The Trouble With Women ironically highlights on its cover. We have never learned that much about women in history lessons at school, right? Well, the truth is out: this is the book that exposes some of the most not-in-a-good-way-shocking theories about them. Then, be prepared to be entertained but also baffled up and upset as the result is savagely brilliant and funny. Also, it would make a perfect gift for all genders and ages.


Becoming Unbecoming – Una

We proved you that graphic novels and illustrated books can talk about very different themes, they can make you laugh, entertain or tells you the life of a person. They can be perfect for kids or adults, for all genders and ages at the same time. A collection piece, a small manual and a conversation starter. What if they were also a form of denunciation of sexual violence against women? Una is an artist and comics creator under pseudonym. But also the name of the twelve-year-olds protagonist of this one-of-a-kind book, that sets its story in the brutal period of the man hunt of the serial killer known as the“Yorkshire Ripper”, back in the 1970s. It conveys the historic plot with the narrative lines of a girl growing up into a woman. Above all, inside a society and culture where the male violence ends up being unpunished or unquestioned most of the time. What you’ll find: different type of victims, shaming and women facing violence alongside a graphic style that also combines multiple themes like press clippings, photo-based illustrations, and splashes of colors. But mostly a whole lot to reflect on.una-02

Agatha: The Real Life of Agatha Christie – Anne Martinetti, Guillaume Lebeau, Alexandre Franc

Did you know that Agatha Christie liked surfing? Or that she disappeared for ten days in December 1926? Now, if Vivian has her camera and Frida has Death, who would imagine being by the side of Agatha Christie? None but the loyal and fastidious Poirot! We may know many things about this last extraordinary woman on the list, but she is full of surprises just as her books. Agatha: The Real Life of Agatha Christie is a six hands work that reveals the intriguing portrait of the successful crime novelist in a very simple and entertaining way. What we loved about this book is that you get the chance to know better also the failures, the adventurous side and the dramatic one about one really interesting, modern woman who was in effect a free spirit. Two word to describe it? Funny and inspiring.




Breve storia delle donne – Jacky Fleminguna-becoming-unbecoming