About the project


Polpettas is a web magazine about contemporary culture, proudly founded by Margherita Visentini. Madrid based, Italian-English speaking, with a wide open eye over the international artistic scene.

This is why Polpettas Mag was born: from the pages of www.polpettas.com we proudly offer you deep interviews sincerely told by their protagonists, full of inspiration and passion, and presented with a minimalist design, to give you the chance to discover all the beauty of contemporary creativity. We virtually travelled around all the art branches: architecture, design, illustration, music, photography and much more.



A journal about artists and their stories

This is what you will find flicking through the pages of Polpettas On Paper. Long and deep interviews with artists, photographers, designers, musicians, illustrators, where they talk not only about their creative process, but also about their own life, their habits, and their way to see and live the world.


[pol-pét-ta] s. f. pl. -e

Polpetta is Italian for “meatball.”

We think of the elements of each story as ingredients: the artists we interview, their works, the time we spend with them, the cities they live in. All these ingredients are chopped up, mixed together and baked into delicious meatballs, each one a unique, easy-to-digest story. The pages of this magazine combine into one very tasty dish.



We’re always looking for great talent and collaborations. Would you like to take part in our adventure? Drop us a line!
hello [at] polpettas.com