Anastasiya Koshcheeva is a Russian designer, Berlin based, who has gained a place in the world of design with her objects inspired by the Siberian craftsmanship.
Her research starts from observation, from the necessary patience to learn thousand-year old techniques, the same necessary patience to wait the first lukewarm ray of sunshine after the endless Siberian winter. It is Siberia, with its white woods of birches and snow, that constantly recurs in the work of the designer, raised in Krasnoyarsk, in the heart of deep Russia.

The starting point of Koshcheeva works is birchbark, a material naturally waterproof, antibacterial, soft and flexible. After several procedures, made following the instructions of the Siberian artisans, this material changes and takes life in armchairs, stools, boxes and lamps, handmade by the designer herself.

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Her most famous design is Sibirjak, the armchair with pouf exhibited at the Salone Satellite of Milan in 2015, and award winner of the Salone Satellite of Moscow in 2014. A unique piece, created by a minimal metallic structure that well blends together the birchbark, that in its standing horizontally it almost looks like leather.

anastasiya-koshcheeva_material_birchbark_chair anastasiya-koshcheeva_design_birchbark_chair anastasiya-koshcheeva_material_birchbark_chair_

Tuesa boxes are totally inspired by Siberian traditions: like in the past, they have the function to keep food that maintains its flavours intact for longer than in usual boxes, thanks to the characteristics of the birchbark. The originality is in the hexagonal design that makes them look perfect in any minimal kitchen around the world, not only in Siberian isbas.

anastasia_koshcheeva_siberia_designer_kitchen anastasia_koshcheeva_siberia_kitchen_designer anastasia_koshcheeva_siberia_designer_

Koshcheeva does not forget lighting, creating Svetoch – that in Russian means “light icon” – a ceiling lamp in two different sizes. The peculiarity is in the circular junction of the bark, glue-free, but only using traditional techniques. The electric light inside the bark smells like wood, forest and taiga, making everything cozy.

anastasia_koshcheeva_siberia_lightning_designer anastasia_koshcheeva_siberia_light_designer anastasia_koshcheeva_siberia_designer_lightning

Even though she moved to Berlin years ago, Anastasiya Koshcheeva does not lose her roots, deeply anchored to the Siberian land, made of ancient traditions, handed down by word of mouth in the cold nights of the long Siberian winter.



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