After years of “what if”, “we could” and “but”, we finally got the chance and found the right time to go to the Arles photography festival during this sweltering summer of 2017.

The 48th edition of Les rencontres de la photographie  presents an extremely wide and varied program, hosted in the most unusual and unconventional spaces of the superbe Provençal village, such as churches, former factories, libraries and private houses. Arles literally opens its doors to personal and collective exhibitions, shows, talks with photographers and open-air libraries, offering a world of images and visual inspirations that deserve to be seen at least once in a lifetime. And here wo go with our personal best from the rencontres of Arles.

Latina! is the main theme of this year’s edition. Under this subject we could see the exhibitions La Vuelta, made up of 28 traditional and experimental projects reflecting the cultural, social and political changes in Colombia; Poetics of the Human by Paz Erràzuriz, a Chilean photographer with extraordinary talent and sensibility; and the collective show La Vache et l’Orchidée.

1.Arles_Les-Rencontres-de-la-photographieFrom left: Juan Pablo Echeverrí, Hulk, série Supersonas, 2011. Luis F. Osorio, Colombian Orchids (Orchidées colombiennes), 1941. Anonyme, Prize Cow Competition (Concours de vaches), Colombie, années 1980.

4.Arles_Les Rencontres de la photographiePaz Errazuriz, Evelyn, La Palmera, Santiago, 1983


The retrospective of Michael Wolf, Life in Cities, was installed inside the beautiful Église des Frères Prêcheurs and was appealing, it took our breath away . German photographer Hong Kong based, Michael Wolf portrays the daily life in the most complex megalopoles in the world as the main focus of his work, offering unconventional portraits of strong effect.

5.Arles_Les Rencontres de la photographieLife in Cities, installation view06_Michael Wolf, Architecture of Density, 2005-2009Michael Wolf, Architecture of Density, 2005-200907_Michael-Wolf,-Tokyo-Compression,-2010-2013Michael Wolf, Tokyo Compression, 2010-2013

10.Arles_Les-Rencontres-de-la-photographieMichael Wolf, 100 x 100


Concerning the Platforms of the Visible category, we would like to mention the work of Mathieu Pernot, that for more than 20 years follows the life of the Gorgans, a gipsy family of Arles. The photographer met them for the first time when he was still a student, and over the years he follows their vicissitudes, creating an extremely rich documentation that reveals an extraordinary close and spontaneous relationship, able to capture and fascinate the viewer.

14.Arles_Les Rencontres de la photographie13.Arles_Les Rencontres de la photographieMathieu Pernot, Les Gorgan


Among The New Discovery Award works, we’d like to spend some words about the extraordinary project by Carlos Ayesta & Guillaume Bression entitled Retracing our Steps, Fukushima Exclusion Zone – 2011-2016, which shows the devastation of this area revealing all its drama. The project website is simply amazing,



Carlos Ayesta & Guillaume Bression: Nature serie, 2014. Retrace our steps serie, 2014. Suspended time serie, 2014


And for a little more inspiration, here are some other great artists that were on show at Les rencontres de la photographie in Arles: Joel Meyerowitz Early Works, Marie Bovo Stances, Christophe Rihet Rode to Death, Mathieu Asselin Monsanto: a Photographic Investigation, Niels Ackermann & Sébastien Gobert Looking for Lenin, Masahisa Fukase The Incurable Egoist.

And of course the Anne Leibovitz retrospective, The Early Years: 1970-1983. Archive Project #1, that marks the beginning of the photographer’s relationship with the LUMA Foundation.

20.Arles_Les Rencontres de la photographieArles_Les Rencontres de la photographieArles_Les Rencontres de la photographieArles_Les Rencontres de la photographieArles_Les Rencontres de la photographieLes rencontres de la  photographie , installation views