We love maps, and in particular, we love maps that make us discover something new in the art field, that help us to find out the beauty of a city, and that provide useful information.

That’s the reason why we fall in love at first sight with the Art Deco London Map by Blue Crow Media: this is the second map to be published for their London architecture guides, after the success of Brutalist London Map.


On one side of the folding map there are over seventy leading examples of Art Deco architecture in London, listed with names, addresses, photos by Simon Phipps and details about each building, along with an introduction to Art Deco by Henrietta Billings.

The featured building are both public and private residences, like Florin Court, a residential building in Charterhouse Square with a splendid art deco curved facade, built in 1936 by Guy Morgan and Partners, using a very special customised bricks on a wire frame. The building has been used as the residence Whiteheaven Mansion in Agatha Christie’s Poirot TV series!



The Savoy Hotel, and the Shell Mex House, right next to the first one are also included. And other Art Deco landmarks such as Eltham Palace, the former Daily Express building on Fleet Street, and the Senate House, along with Charles Holden’s finest Underground Stations and more.

The other side of the map features the plan of the city in black, silver and green (for the parks and gardens!) and red spotted to reveal the Art Deco key buildings. Easy to go and actually perfect for a walking tour in London, discovering hidden secrets and small gems with a story and definitively  a present.

Not only London: planning a travel? Check if there’s a map covering the city you’re going to!

map-london-art-deco london-map-architecture-art-deco