Here’s 10 facts to know about Arthur Elgort and a special selection of 10 photos by the great photographer, to smile a bit today and find a more dynamic and funny side in fashion photography.

Maybe he told it, maybe not, but we like imagining him while saying: “Don’t take you too seriously!”.


1. The gigantic photographer of Vogue was born on June 8 1940, in Brooklyn, New York, of Russian-Jewish heritage.

2.  His first passion was ballet, for this reason at the beginning of his career he took so many shots of dancers in New York, starting from a very young Michail Baryshnikov.

3. Elgort started his career as a photo assistant to Gosta Peterson, a Swedish fashion photographer moved to New York in 1948.

4. He’s been one of the first fashion photographers – working for established magazines like Vogue – to give a brand new appeal to fashion shooting, more dynamic and natural, and make the model look different.

5. This new style was considered first a bit “shabby”, too casual and careless, but finally caught the attention of the fashion magazines.

6. He got his first cover in 1969, for McCall’s magazine.

7. Arthur Elgort made also several movies, and in 1994 he won the Sundance as Best Cinematography with Colorado Cowboys: The Bruce Ford Story.

8. He’s the creator of two very famous photos: the one of Kate Moss standing next to an elephant, and the one of Christy Turlington with fake drawn moustaches.

9. Till November 5 will run at Colette Paris Fashion, Jazz, Ballet, a great exhibition with about a hundred of his works.

10. He’s still working, from his studio in SoHo, New York.

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And to put a face to a name, a portrait of the artist.