This year the Astrup Fearnley Museum celebrates 25 years of Moden Art in Oslo through a series of small exhibitions: we wanted to join the celebration, so we visited the work of Nate Lowman and the permanent collection.

Completed in 2012 the building designed by Renzo Piano is located in a privileged position. On one side looking at the water and at the entrance of the Fjord as a point of reference, you can see the boats arriving and leaving the city, and on the other side overlooking the City Hall, stands the port and the fort.

Its location it is an ideal shelter during the cold season, but also a perfect spot during long summer days with the see and garden in front.

After only two steps into the museum the first work on display is Mother and Child (Divided) by Damien Hirst, a powerful welcome to the permanent collection of the Museum that continues with another installation by Hirst (God alone knows) and Gilbert & George photo-based works.

On the second floor the permanent collection continues with paintings by Martin Kippenberger, David Hockney and Anselm Kiefer. After the visit you can continue enjoying the part of the town called Tjuvholmen: an artificial extension of the peninsula, built on water with its wonderful cafes, restaurants and shops.

At the time of our visit, a collection of the work by Nate Lowman was on display: through the manipulation of different elements of the pop culture from the graffiti to advertisement he is able to create his own narrative to reflect the American culture and society.

oslo trip modern art museum7

Entrance to the Oslo Astrup Fearnley Museum

Exhibition in the Oslo Museum of Modern Art

Mother and Child (Divided) by Damien Hirst

oslo trip modern art museum4

Photography by Gilbert & George

oslo trip modern art museum5

Work of art by Nate Lowman

oslo trip modern art museum6

Painting by Nate Lowman

oslo trip modern art museum8

Painting by David Hockney