Summer is here. Cities are getting empty and the bars on the beach are getting crowded. Shops change their opening hours, it is definitely too hot to eat pasta, and the beer is never cold enough. I usually don’t go on holidays in the summertime. Why? Too many people around and I don’t like very much the smell of sunscreen.

But during these muggy slow days, I can find the time and the leisure to check the list of things that I wanted to do during the year, but for, one reason or another, they still stuck in my agenda. Since summer is already arrived and Chopsticks! needs a break to rest a bit, I prepared a kit for all Asia lovers to use during these lazy hot days. Ready?


1. CHairEYES Sunglasses

No sunglasses, no party. The first time I saw CHairEYES collection I saw myself swimming in a pool with a big inflatable flamingo under the sun: what a style! The brand was founded in 2008 in Shanghai by Zhou Yuan who proposed a new design able to mix a retro silhouette with futuristic material. From French Concession to the cover of fashion magazines, CHairEYES is the sunglasses with that I don’t know what that makes you fall in love.




2. Strangers in a pier by Tash Aw under the beach umbrella

Tash Aw is a Malaysian writer with Chinese origins. Strangers in a pier is a short autobiographical essay about diversity, cultural contamination and identity. A book that demolishes our idea of nation and belonging through the story of a complicated and multicultural country like Malaysia. To read in one breath in the beach, the book not only talks about new challenges that we are experiencing now in Europe, but it makes you ask yourself in which kind of world do you want to live.


3. My Little Airport for the happy hour

Lam Pang and Nicole Au Kin-ying sing in English and Cantonese and usually invite friends to play and record with them. They met each other 9 albums ago, when they were studying journalism at University of Hong Kong. It is not coincidence that their songs have a fixed frame which answers to the 5 W (where, who, how, why and when). When it’s time for happy hour, play the album Poetics – Something Between Montparnasse and Mongkok: it’s perfect!

4. To watch at late night: Iron 3

Summer is the season of late night movies. Normally nobodies would have the strength to watch strange movies without falling asleep, worried by midweek alarms. Iron 3 by Kim Ki-duk is that kind of movie you’re afraid of: Korean movie by a crazy and troubling director. Only during this magic period, with a cold breeze flowing through your feet outside the sheet, you can find the right mood to watch this movie, and to appreciate a different love story.

5. Fan à l’asiatique

It’s not a fashion accessorize but a survival tool. If it’s too hot and the air conditioning makes you sick, it is the only solution to your problems. But, please, forget your grandma’s black lace fan for a moment, and imagine a colorful Japanese fan made of cotton and bamboo, perfect to show like a katana in a terrace. Directly from Nan Ban, the secret online room of Japanese amazing stuff, this fan is waiting to be waved.