There are not only far destinations, adventurous travels, heavy backpacks and tiring jet lags. There are beautiful and hidden places to explore less than one hour from Milan. Let’s choose Turin, just to begin with.

Do you know what is the most beautiful thing about Turin? Everywhere you look, from every crossroad, you can see the mountains. Clear, limpid and so close. Just behind the OGR you can see how the mountains create a frame for the two wings and the court of this massive post industrial site.

OGR: Officine Grandi Riparazioni. Historical train factory built at the end of the seventeenth century and abandoned in the nineties. Is there a better way to describe this special place than chatting with its Artistic Director, Nicola Ricciardi?


OGR Spazio Fucine | ph. Giorgio Perottino

patrick tuttofuoco

Patrick Tuttofuoco, Tutto Infinito, Installation view | in mostra dall’1 al 12 ottobre 2017 | ph. Andrea Rossetti

Describe OGR in three words.

Twenty-thousand square meters.

Of what?

Of space, ready to be used. Today, after more than three years of constant renovation, we only have half of this space, but in these 10.000 square meters we have been able to host, in no more that two months since the opening, 18 concerts – from The Chemical Brothers to The Kraftwer or Ezio Bossotwo art exhibitions – visited by 25.000 and 15.000 visitors – 4 gala dinners, 3 books presentations and an international symposium.

What are the OGR ambitions and expectations?

Our highest ambition is to dialogue with the international institutions we look at to get inspiration – the ones that have made a better combination of visual and performing arts.

I.e. the Southbank Center or the Barbican in London, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis or the Park Avenue Armory in New York…

So your references are more foreigner than italian?

We look at the international context but we are deeply rooted in our territory.

Our aim is to make OGR a sounding board for the cultural excellence of Turin, both public and private – and to make OGR a project that stimulates, facilitates and creates connections, exchanges and transfers knowledge between local realities and their counterparties in and outside Europe.

What are these cultural excellences on the territory and what has been their contribution to this new project?

The best example is the exhibition that is on show until January the 14th, Like a Moth to a Flame: a project in collaboration with Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, which counts on the precious partnership with the most prestigious museums in Turin and the surrounding area – Museo Egizio, Palazzo Madama, MAO, GAM and Castello di Rivoli.

For this show we chose as curators three protagonists of the international art world: the artist Liam Gillick, the Art Review editor in chief Mark Rappolt, and the Director of the Center for Curatorial Studies of Bard College in New York, Tom Eccles.

mostra_ogr torino

Like a Moth to a Flame | ph. Andrea Rossetti

mostra_ogr torino

Like a Moth to a Flame | ph. Andrea Rossetti

mostra_ogr torino

Like a Moth to a Flame | ph. Andrea Rossetti

A place where everything seems possible?

Somehow, every project we work on starts as an impossible task. Our space is a challenge not only for its size but also for its history – which is our main resource and at the same time our main constraint.

The renovation has been extremely conservative, the bricks are still the original ones from 1885. This means that we can barely bang nails in the walls, drill the floor or hang any weight from the ceiling. We create every day a way to dialogue with the architecture without really touching it.

Sala Fucine, Duomo, Binari.. terms that recall the past of this majestic and magical place, which makes the travel to Turin worth. Just to keep talking about trains, destinations and words.. pick a book for your daily rail travels from Milan to Turin.

A beautiful novel with an ugly cover and with a very poorly translated title: Una perfetta felicità from James Salter. The original title ‘Light Years’ really describes what is in my opinion the most enlighted story I have read this year.

It is the perfect companion, especially if you are travelling up the Hudson River to Upstate New York..

 But this is another journey.


William Kentridge

William Kentridge @OGR | Intervento site-specific di arte pubblica, in esposizione fino a dicembre 2019 | ph.Daniele Ratti


Mostra in corso Come una falena alla fiamma | fino al 14 gennaio

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