Back to Eindhoven one more year to participate to the 2017 Dutch Design Week. This event – celebrating its 16th edition- turns this city in the South of the Netherlands into the capital of design.

This year edition, titled #Stretch, suggests a revolutionary approach to design, as innovative answer to a future more and more complex.


In addition to the usual stalls and ateliers, some pavilions are built to exhibit innovative ideas that join design with various aspects of our daily life, such as health, food, urban transformation and intimacy. This approach has the aim to demonstrate how design can help finding answers or purely simplify our lives touching aspects way different from what we are used to. 

#Stretch, indeed: opening the horizons of design beyond any bounding definition.


With the installation AURA at Design PerronVPRO Medialab explores the potential of wearable technology and its ability to analyze and interpret our state of mind and our feelings, in order to supply tailor-made services.


The Kazerne– previously a city firemen station and currently transformed into a restaurant and permanent art gallery – hosts the installation May I Have Your Attention Please? by Maarten Baas, awarded with the Milano Design Award at this year edition of the Salone del Mobile.

1.dutch-design-week-2017 2.dutch-design-week-2017

Among new and well-known designers, around the 11 locations of the event, these are the proposals that have caught our attention: the elegant and functional design displayed by Studio Isabel Quiroga, the pragmatism of the wooden furniture by Studio Siebum, Luwies for the project ‘Zero Waste Design’ and the original living solution Silo by Leon de Bruijne.

Entrance to Sectie-C


Silo by Leon de Bruijne