A name to listen to, for his beautiful music, but also a name to look at yes! in the sense of admiring with your own eyes: Devendra Barnhart, born in ’81, is an American singer and songwriter, a visual artist, and the former boyfriend of Natalie Portman, more than a musician, he looks like a hippy model straight out of the Seventies. At least until last year, when the hipster trend has taken over on him, with beard and mustache.

His music moves sinuously between indie, folk and a little of psychedelia, whether he plays alone or with his group, the Vetiver (the last name known, but each year they invent a new one). The childhood spent in Caracas, in Venezuela, gave him the sounds of South America and the Spanish language, which he often uses to write his lyrics. But if you wanna  meet him today, just turn on the streets of Los Angeles.

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A career that began in 2002, currently his discography stopped in 2013 with the album Mala: I wonder if between one fashion shot and the other, together with his new girlfriend, Ana Kras, he’s been working on a new album. We’re wait, right here, while we listen Feria de Santa Maria (2009).


Ventana blanca
Ay, que venga la mañana
Ay que venga otra vez
Asi es como yo paso mi tiempo
Esperando a Inaniel
Y rezando por su calor, por su aliento
Sobre mi piel


Devendra Banhart, try to remember this name… and google it!


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