Fairytales, comics and architecture: these are the elements that marked the growth of Federico Babina, born in Bologna, based in Barcellona. He’s an architect in his mind and an illustrator in his soul, he loves to merge different languages through his recognizable touch.

His series Artistect is really iconic, where he gives life to illustrations that merge together artists and architects, like an invented and imagined dialogue between creative minds. Rigor and freedom of expression meet in his works, representing architecture and painting from new and unusual points of view, like the ones of Kandinsky and Wright, or Albers and Luis Barragán


Un bellissimo lavoro di sintesi, dove edifici e strutture diventano elementi dei loro visi: et voilà, in un’unica immagine abbiamo l’artista, le sue idee, i suoi progetti.

The series Archiportrait develops through the concept that each of us represents somehow what he does, we are the projects we make. Babina designed 33 portraits among the most famous contemporary architects -from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Rem Koolhaas, Antoni Gaudí to Tadao Ando- giving them the shape and volumes of their own projects and architectures. A beautiful work where the elements of their buildings become the elements of their faces: et voilà, in one image here we have the artist, their ideas, and their projects.


Archimusic, Archiset, Archist city: three other series where music, cinema, and cities get married to architecture in dynamic and impressive illustrations. Babina wants to give shape to feelings, color emotions through bidimensional drawings, using the richness of language that joins different arts, creating a multifaceted communication.


archi-music-babina archi-music-babina

Archist city

Damien-hirst-archist babina Joan-Miro-archist babina lucio-fontana-archist babina Mark-Rothko-archist babina mondrian-archist babina Richard-Serra-archist babina roy-lichtenstein-archist babina


movie-breakfast-at-tiffany-archiset babina movie-goldfinger-archiset babina movie-vertigo-archiset babina movie-the-party-archiset babina

History of art, music, cinema, architecture… stumbling upon Federico Babina’s portfolio you can meet so many different subjects, till the new Archiatric series where he deals with the theme of mental disorders. Through lines, forms, and the seriousness of black paint, he represents psychic discomfort, emotional states such as anxiety, depression, phobias, autism, insomnia, dementia, schizophrenia, bipolarism. Mind disorders, the succession of swinging emotions, are described as a dark tunnel, where all evokes the loneliness of those who can not express what they are experiencing. A pictorial translation of the mind through an illustrated architecture.