With its bold format, Fisura is for sure a special book. Or better a unique object: flicking through its pages you can find intense reflections about the possibilities that the forgotten space has in a residual city, and it exposes a new vision about this theme. A fluid and adventurous path between fiction and documentary.

Ignacio Vleming is the writer behind Fisura, and Fernando Abellanas–and his real urban experiences–his mayor source of inspiration. With many facets, Abellanas is a plumber and a graffiti artist as well as a designer who stands out for his wonderful pieces under the brand name Lebrel., but above all for having installed his studio under a secret bridge in the city of Valencia. This way, he claims,

“to get shelter from the city in the city itself.”


The book Fisura in its gray PVC format.


asier rua pergamino fisura libro


A project made on instinct, Fisura has its origin in the moment when its editor, the photographer Asier Rua, gets access to the archive of personal pictures taken by Fernando. The designer had photographed a series of everyday spaces in the underground, places of ephemeral attraction in everyday life, completely unnoticed environments.

It was while contemplating that Rua decided to take the risk: he took the risk of printing these photographs in a book format, he took the risk of trusting the writing of the text to Vleming, more experienced in poetry but with a special skill to convey the wonders of the ordinary. Both the editor and the writer travelled to Valencia in order to get to know more deeply the person that would be the guide of their story, Fernando.

Foto Enrique Escandell Libro Asier Rua5

Tunnel discovered by Fernando Abellanas.


Fernando Abellanas during one of his adventures.

The author managed to conceive a story in which its main character, the impassive Joris, gives meaning to unnoticed places moved by a strong curiosity. Representing Fernando, this man gets lost in the metro tunnels, escalates electric towers, enters the abandoned water tanks.

Equal places and–generally–universally ignored. Joris is also characterized by some of Asier and Ignacio’s features: he works as a photographer and is commissioned to make a series of pictures for a number of companies. However, doing this he goes beyond the professional line to capture his own personal photographs of these unknown and fascinating places, constituting that pictures archive of Fernando that kick-started the project, and that inspired Asier Rua to develop this wonderful project.


Flicking through Fisura.

Interior del libro Fisura

Flicking through Fisura.

Fisura is the second work published by Asier’s independent label, Ediciones Rua, who after publishing the book Madrid Interior, now returns with this unique project, where architecture and the limits of the imagination get blended together in its pages. Its original format transforms this book into an object of design, an exhibition. Fetén Studio devised its ancient parchment form, binding together its pages with nuts and bolts, and finally rolled up in a gray PVC pipe.

The calm and tranquil photography in the pages of Fisura are part of the work of Enrique Escandell. The depth of the constructions, the empty gaps contemplated from a new perspective, and the protagonist’s clandestine thoughts are narrated with a special subtlety, are the distinctive features of this very special book.

Water deposit, picture by Enrique Escandell.

Foto Enrique Escandell Libro Asier Rua1

Water deposit, picture by Enrique Escandell.

Hueco en la pared fotografiado por Enrique Escandell

Picture by Enrique Escandell.

Fotografía de Fernando Abellanas Vias de tren

Picture by Fernando Abellanas.

El autor Ignacio Vleming de Fisura libro

The author Ignacio Vleming.

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