Second selection of Francesca Woodman‘s awesome works.

“These things arrived from my grandmother’s they make me think about where I fit in this odd geometry of time. This mirror is a sort of rectangle although they say mirrors are just water specified.”

Some Disordered Interior Geometries, by Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman Providence Rhode Island

 francesca woodman_ francesca woodman_house francesca woodman_self francesca woodman-Boulder-Colorado-1972-75-Gelatina-de-bromuro-de-plata francesca woodman-copertina francesca woodman francesca_woodman_self francesca_woodman francesca-woodman francesca-woodman

Self-Portrait, Providence, Rhode Island by Francesca WoodmanVerticale. Providence, Rhode Island, 1976. Francesca Woodman    francesca-woodman

francesca woodman_ francesca woodman_

Francesca Woodman Providence Rhode Island


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