Creating new eco-friendly products has become more and more important also in the design field. This is the challenge accepted by Sebastiano Tonelli and Carter Zufelt, two young designers who have thought about collections made of recycled materials.

Sebastiano Tonelli, a young Italian designer from Trentino Alto Adige, has designed the Collezione 25%, a series of eight thermal boxes for food, made entirely from recycled materials.

The name of the collection is kind of a manifesto: the raw materials come from a factory of air-transportation pipes that, during the production, sends the 25% of waste to the dump. Tonelli gave new life to that 25% useless material, using the expanded polyurethane folded in aluminum film to create thermal boxes, which can be used to easily carry food, without modifying its characteristics.

To design the boxes, Tonelli was influenced by the Italian tradition of basket-making, getting inspired by the geometrical twists and the natural colors typical of this art, actualizing them with inserts in turquoise. The boxes 25% are perfect for all the occasions: from lunch at work, to picnic, to catering. The different shapes and dimensions are designed exactly to meet all the needing in matter of food carrying, both on professional and on domestic level.

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Carter Zufelt, a Milan-based Californian designer, has thought about a way to re-purpose the plastic grocery bags: he turned them into the Müll collection, a series of stunning boxes, stools, paperweight, rings and pencil-holders.

In this case, too, the name is part of the artwork: Müll comes for the German word that means “waste”, that is exactly what Zufelt is trying to avoid by recycling the grocery bags. The melting process make the colors mix giving as result this marble look.

They are minimal design object, defined by clean and clear lines, but embellished by brilliant colors that mix together, creating unique patterns, different for every item.

According to Dieter Rams good design makes a product useful: with Tonelli and Zufelt, the practical usefulness merge together with another very important kind  of usefulness, the one to the environment.