There are spaces that still keep their original essence. Spaces where humans still haven’t left their trace, and where we should go before they transform in a place like any other. This is why in Polpettas Mag, we would like to suggest you a series of special spots where you can go in this long summer days.

These places still keep their charm, you can still absorb and appreciate an alternative kind of culture in them.

LA PANACÉE | Montpellier

An artistic residence, hidden in one of the narrow alleys of this wonderful city in the south of France. It was created in the old medicine school, and its known for its proposals of a fusion of multiple art disciplines in their temporary exhibitions. Depending on what time of the year you visit La Panacée, you can find from photography to video art, from writing to discussions of the artists that live together there. Specially cozy is its central yard, with wooden tables where you can enjoy a glass of wine. The yard is surrounded by a peripheral gallery, counting also with a multimedia room and an auditory.

Space where contemporary art is really taken care of, but also where artists are advised, discovered and produced, and where new artistic digital disciplines are developed in a world where technology is in evolution every second.

La Panacee - Exposition "Retour à Muholand Drive"

“Return to Mulholland Drive”, 2017 
La Panacée – Montpellier

la panacee montpellier6

Central Yard

la panacee montpellier2

Le Café de la Panacée

la panacee montpellier3

Central Yard


Old station in the north of Paris, La Recyclerie is a magic place. In a continuous metamorphosis, if you visit this sort of greenhouse, you will find art exhibitions, Do-it-yourself workshops, artisan shops and a bar where you can taste a simple menu. An amalgam of little nooks, where responsible consumption is the most important law. Going down the stairs at the end, you can walk by the old railways where trains used to make their way, and contemplate the groups of people that get together to dance swing under the bridge.

This old station from the 19th century is a common place for Parisian locals, a setting where the usual overcrowded environment in Paris can not be felt.

la recyclerie paris

La Recyclerie

Workshop in La Recyclerie

Workshop in La Recyclerie

la recyclerie paris3

Urban art in La Recyclerie

la recyclerie paris1

View from the top of the old station


It seemed liken every small corner in Rome had already been discovered, but the exhibition center Centrale Montemartini is yet to be explored. Founded in the old Central Thermal Power Plant Giovanni Montemartini, the industrial character of this space contrasts in a striking way with the sculptures that preside it. Its origin is in 1997, due to the shutdown for restoration reasons of the wide cultural spaces in the Capitolini Museum, multiple sculptures were moved into this space turning it into a cultural space.

The exhibition Machines or gods was inaugurated creating a very special fusion between  classic and industrial archeology. It produces a shocking contrasts that don’t leave anyone indifferent, this museum can make your visit to Rome different from the others.

Space in the Centrale Montemartini

Space in the Centrale Montemartini


Statues in the Centrale Montemartini


La Sala del treno di Pio


Room in the Centrale Montemartini


Unique space, La Neomudéjar constitutes a self-managed Art Center with the main objective of unleashing experimentation and creativity, as well as rescuing spaces that are not being used and giving them a cultural function. It wants to bring the public near cultural disciplines such as urban Art, video art, performance, parkour, sound art, etc. Give this artistic currents the importance that they haven’t had up until now.

Dialogue, art committed to social values and denunciation of power define the ideology of this museum, that tries to bring light through its exhibitions to the situation that some of the most vulnerable collectives are living in today’s world. It’s an unknown museum even for the inhabitants of Madrid, that do not know that apart from the permanent collection composed by national and international artists, La Neomudéjar also organizes temporary exhibitions and talks, as well as numerous festivals. It is very special in comparison to other museums, its organization is based on a resource efficiency, energy sustainability and recycling policy. If you pass by Madrid, go and discover this unique space.

la neomudejar5

La Neomudéjar

Interior de nave en La Neomudéjar

Interior of La Neomudéjar

Interior de la Neomudéjar

Exhibition at La Neomudéjar

Artista en La Neomudéjar

Artist at La Neomudéjar

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