Crowdfunding. That is the word we chose for our June.

Our friends and contributors Defrost Studio are carrying out a crowdfunding campaign, so we feel a bit part of this adventure!

Defrost Studio [Marco Tiberio + Maria Ghetti] is a creative agency focussing on art direction, which curates and writes for Polpettas Mag the column NICE TO MEET YOU. Last November they published their first book, ImmoRefugee, a project focused on the Calais refugee camp, a book with photographs of the different houses of the camp and their description, in the form of a real estate catalogue.


The project, which began as a field study on the camp’s architecture, became something more ironic: it provides a look on the incredible adaptation skills of migrants and their cultural differences simply by showing their homes.

immorefugee_book_photography_2 immorefugee_book_photography_3

ImmoRefugee has been able to gain international acceptance, thanks perhaps to that irony that is often lacking in the photographic scene (it has been defined too extreme or even an extreme right publication, by more than one person). Martin Parr has recently selected it as Best Photobook of the Year at the Kassel Photobook Award 2017, and at FORMAT Photography Festival in Derby, they conceived an installation from the book concept, that was chosen by TIME magazine among the 10 best things in the same festival.

Now the book wants to turn itself into an exhibition, a “Real-estate Agency” that will debut at Les Rencontres Photographique in Arles next July, and for this reason Maria and Marco have decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign.


The idea is to involve different spaces, creating an actual temporary and traveling real estate agency. As any respectable real estate agency, it will showcase the most attractive property listings while inside you can look at the photos printed for the occasion.

The amount they’re trying to collect (€3600) will be used to cover the production costs of the exhibition, such as photo printing, production of photo structures for the exhibition, both the window and the interior, descriptive texts, and also the costs for transportation to Arles, the setting-up and renting of space, and communication.

We are glad to give some space and talk about this project on Polpettas Mag, and share the crowdfunding campaign with you, hoping it will be successful. Why? Because it would be something different, something that may help many people to look at certain specific issues with different eyes, realizing that sometimes it takes a bit of irony and a new perspectives to analyse extremely complicated issues of our current situations.

Good luck Defrost Studio!!!

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