Three EPs of three songs each, and finally a debut album, simply titled Introducing I’m Not a Blonde.

If, as we hope, a telegraphic discography does not satisfy your curiosity, we invite you to read the interview with Chiara Castello and Camilla Matley, the electro-pop souls of I’m not a blonde (but I’d love to be Blondie), for us one of the bands to keen an eye on, and definitively see live.


Chiara and Camilla. Your faces are not new, but here there’s a new and unusual combination of colors, experience, musical influences. Tell us how this new adventure started!

The adventure began two years ago when Camilla was looking for a singer for another musical project. That band lasted very little but Camilla and I started to collaborate; then we wrote things together and so in September 2014 came out the pieces of our first EP.

It is not unusual that a band decides to start with an EP, to be known before the release of the full length debut. You have decided to pack three EPs, making even a very consistent graphic work, almost to give the listener the opportunity to discover you step by step. What was your original plan? 

We decided to release the songs a little at a time mainly for two reasons: first, we just started to collaborate, we hadn’t yet understood what we wanted to do, and which musical direction to take.

Second, there is a huge difference between the time it takes to write / produce a song, compared to the time in which it’s consumed today. There is an increasingly frenetic demand for “new content”, so we thought to water down them a little at a time, by publishing our songs three at a time – we did 3 EP, with 3 pieces each, every 3 months … the 3 trilogy (she laughs, editor’s note).

It could be a wise way to survive a bit longer in this musical jungle.

What has surprised you most since the release of EP01?

Probably the definition of punk that people gave us! We’d never said that I’m Not a Blonde were juxtaposed with this imaginary. But it made us very happy.


Introducing I’m Not a Blonde can be considered as your ID card?

I think Introducing can be the identity card of 2016. We are working on the second album, and only when will be finished, we’d understand who we have become. Along the process you change, our way of composing changes, our way of playing, our references, and you do not know exactly how the project will evolve. Actually we do not like building mental blocks.

You have a very recognizable and personal style. It was an instinctive process of writing or you have worked for long to enhance the sound?

I would say instinctive, linked to the moment we were living, what we were listening to at that time and what it was going along and around. I believe that they feel different emotions going from one to another EP; the link is in the choice to use always the same data sounds.

In the music field, and therefore in the art world, what you feel is truly innovative?

This question is really difficult to answer. We think that maybe the most innovative thing is about the way to present and offer art. Computers, and especially internet, have changed the ways and the timing of fruition. One of the artist’s talents is to figure out how to make his/her work get to the public, in a context of overproduction. The artist is not only the art producer, but he/she needs the ability to emerge among an ocean of works that is today reality.


Five names –musicians or bands- that are the best examples of modernity.

Holly Herdon, Radiohead, Iosonouncane, ANOHNI, Carla Dal Forno: we are mentioning huge names alongside small realities that deserve, however, to be mentioned, in our opinion.

What is your favorite song to play live?

Chiara: If.

Camilla: 21.

The weirdest place you’ve played so far?

A Rave Party in Freiburg, a pub of 1800 all made of wood.

I’m not a blonde (but I’d love to be Blondie) in 2026: 3 adjectives to describe you – hypothetically.

Ironic, ironic, ironic.


The song hummed more often in the morning.

Chiara: Tokyo by Teen.

Camilla: a song it’s taking all my life to write.

The song you wish having written.

Today we would say Daydreaming by Radiohead, tomorrow we don’t know.

I leave everything and go to…

Lay on a beach in Greece.

The thing you think is more hopeful.

It seems to be a slow return to the use of English in the Italian productions.

The thing you cannot stand.

Arrogance and weakness.

A book that you most loved.

Banal but true, Just kids by Patty Smith.

A must-do trip.

Going from Milan to Berlin by car.

A bad habit to leave.

Check the Facebook page likes in the early morning.

The mistake you would be proud to repeat.

Going from Milan to Berlin by car.


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Chiara and Camilla’s portraits  by Cartacarbone exclusively for Polpettas Mag.