“What I do is just to paint, but to paint with a camera and a pair of hiking boots on. Go out in search of painting”. And if you look at the recent series, no doubts on the mission of Spanish artist Irene Grau.

Irene Grau (1986) lives and works in Valencia. Her research is developed on relationships between color and space: she looks for connections with the environment where she projects minimal and basic objects and forms. Architecture and landscape are intertwined in her works, not just like a simple background but as a power space that activates the painting.

The relationship with nature has become more and more important in her research, a sort of basis in her works where she goes to measure space, preserve the landscape, or turn signs’ colors in something else. Walking, too, has become an artistic media for Grau, that gave as result series like What mattered was on the line, not at the end, Yellowstone, Enamel on stretcher in landscape, -metría and : the last one shows how painting and landscape are the same thing. The artist started marking different points of the woods on a map then, walking through all these spots, she left in each of them a little mound of pigments, about 10 centimeters that, once photographed, are then removed.

The result is a new landscape inside a landscape, made through little triangles of pigment of different colors that look like little mountains and increase -in a way- the height of the mountain itself inside the picture. And, on a vaster level, they create also a new big chromatic map of the area, thanks to the marks become now colored.

It’s clear how painting, like walking, for Irene Grau is a process of relationship with space, and a sort of action painting, the “traveling painting”.

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1-Irene_Grau_ultramarine-blue 2-Irene_Grau_cerulean-blue 3-Irene_Grau_english-green-light 4-Irene_Grau_green-light 5-Irene_Grau_cadmium-yellow 6-Irene_Grau_cadmium-orange 7-Irene_Graucadmium-red 8-Irene_Grau_rust-red 9-Irene_Grau_raw-umber 10-Irene_Grau_cobalt-violet 11-Irene_Grau_magenta-rhodamine 12-Irene_Grau_titanium-white Irene_Grau_peak-series_wall_installation