Eating, shopping, walking, discovering: after our ART & DESIGN selection here’s some cool spots, 16 juicy directions for whom is gonna be in #Barcelona this Summer! Because man cannot live on art alone!

Barrio El Born

Placed in the oldest part of the city, next to the Barrio Gotico, this neighbourhood is living an era of re-modernization with new shops and cafés for hipsters. Nevertheless its small alleys, traditional bars and hidden corners made it one of the most fascinating area of the city. Take a walk -on the wild side- of el Born!

barrio Born barcelona3 barrio Born barcelona1 barrio Born barcelona2

Chandal Store
carrer de l’Allada Vermell, 13
Design pieces, toys, polaroids camera, and above all MAGAZINES MAGAZINES MAGAZINES! Chandal Store -in a sharing local with Impossible Store– is definitively one of our favourite spot in Barcelona.

Chandal Shop Barcelona_1 Chandal Shop Barcelona_2

Mundial Bar
plaça Sant Agustí Vell, 1

Traditional, delicious, informal seafood place in the heart of the Born. The menu is written daily on a mirror hang on one side of the bar, with daily specials and chef recommendations. Forget all about minimal-cold-white design: we’re in Spain, let’s do like the Spanish do!

Mundial Bar_travel guide_barcelona Mundial Bar_travel guide_barcelona_

carrer de les Basses de Sant Pere, 22

Gorgeous vintage forniture store with original and unique pieces coming directly from Northern Europe. Alessia and Federico, the lovely Italian owners of the shop, are the ones who choose each piece to bring you to a travel into the past. They will welcome you with a huge smile, so drop by!

Neukolln Shop_travel guide_barcelona_ Neukolln Shop_travel guide_barcelona

Barrio El Raval

Keith Haring murales • Macba

Keith Haring made this murals in 1989 choosing personally that wall: at that time the Raval was a seedy area known as the Barrio Chino, and it reminded him of the marginal neighbourhoods in New York where he began to paint.

Keith Haring Macba_travel guide_barcelona

CCCB • Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona

carrer de Montalegre, 5

CCCB is one of the spaces in Barcelona dedicated to creation, research, exhibition and debate on contemporary culture. Activities, thematic exhibitions, prizes and a varying interdisciplinary programme are just some of its strong suits, along with the Laie bookshop, with a wide selection of international magazines, including Polpettas On Paper!

CCCB_travel guide_barcelona

carrer del Marquès de Barberà, 24

A small cozy place, where you can have a round-the-world journey just tasting the mix of different dishes and drinks of Trópico. We highly recommend their Sunday brunch, with eggs benedictine, pancakes, coffee and a smoothie.

Tropico Bar Restaurant_travel guide_barcelona


The new artistic and creative neighbourhood in Barcelona definitively is Poblenou, on the north-east side of the city, along the cost and the sea. The old industrial area, made of obsolete abandoned factories, is now reborn thanks to both residential projects, and alternative workspaces.

barrio-Poble-Nou_travel-guide_barcelona barrio-Poble-Nou_travel-guide_barcelona

Skye Coffee
carrer Pamplona, 88

They love coffee… and soon you’ll love it too! An amazing old industrial location houses “le Tube”, a classic 1972 citroen HY, headquarter of one of the best coffee in town.

Skye Coffee Bar_travel guide_barcelona_ Skye Coffee Bar_travel guide_barcelona

Espai Joliu

carrer de Badajoz, 95

Not just a green concept store, not just a café: Espai Joliu is an incredible perfect mix to enjoy some spare time, to relax, to have a delicious breakfast, and why not, to read one of the wonderful magazines on sale: and Polpettas On Paper is one of those!

Espai Joliu_travel_guide_barcelona Espai Joliu_travel_guide_barcelona Espai Joliu_travel_guide_barcelona Espai Joliu_travel_guide_barcelona Espai Joliu_travel_guide_barcelona

And then all around the city…

The old -Gothic- cathedral

pla de la Seu, s/n

Called the “Old” cathedral, or the “Gothic” one, to distinguish it from the Sagrada Familia, Gaudì’s stil-in-progress masterpiece. The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia (Santa Creu i Santa Eulàlia) was built between 13th and 15th centuries. Inside you can see a baptistery where in 1493 four American natives, brought by Christopher Columbus, had the baptism.


Pinhan Café
Turó Park, avenida Pau Casal, 19

A cozy, sunny, green corner in the middle of Turó Park, you really can’t ask more from life. Or maybe yes: for example you can ask a spinach, pine nuts, caramelised onion and lemon börek (baked filled pastry), served with garlic yoghurt, paprika butter and sumak onion salad, and then a Bosforus classic grilled-fished with lettuce, tomato, spanish onion and herbs: oh heaven! 

Pinhan-Bar-Restaurant_travel_guide_barcelona Pinhan-Bar-Restaurant_travel_guide_barcelona

Pic Nic Store
carrer Verdi, 17

Nice and colorful concept store in Vila de Gràcia, where you can find -in addition to Polpettas On Paper– other cool magazines, accessories, pottery, design, and clothing, obviously.

PicNic Store_travel_guide_barcelona

The Juice House

carrer Parlament, 12

Veggies, but not only. Better say, healthy food, soul food, or colorful food! Try the juices, of course, and if you eat there, ask for some bread, delicious: it’s 100% artisanal made apposite for The Juice House by a bakery outside Barcelona, in the countryside.

Juice-House Bar Restaurant_travel_guide_barcelona

La Esquina

carrer Bergara, 2

La Esquina is about grandma kitchen, is about food, coffee, colorful dishes, and is about healthy combinations of vegetables, proteins and pasta or legumes. It’s the perfect stop for lunch or a coffee break in the heart of Barcelona.

LaEsquina Bar Restaurant_travel_guide_barcelonaLa Esquina Bar Restaurant_travel_guide_barcelona_

and don’t forget to have a rest on the beach!

The-beach_travel_guide_barcelona The-beach_travel_guide_barcelona The-beach_travel_guide_barcelona

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