Art spread in the city.

Here’s the works of Finnish artists presented in Madrid public spaces, CentroCentro and Sala Alcalà31, belonging to the  #focusfinland program.

Fiera diffusa, arte nella città.

Siamo stati allo spazio CentroCentro e la Sala Alcalà31 del Comune di Madrid, che ospitano artisti del programma #focusfinland.

ARCOmadrid ARCOmadrid ARCOmadrid


Touching the sky, Kaarina Kaikkonen, #focusfinland

ARCOmadrid ARCOmadrid

ARCOmadridHypnopompic, Kustaa Saksi, #focusfinlandARCOmadridParticles, Sara Bjarland, 2013. #focusfinland

A light table with hundreds of slides containing pieces of plastic waste that she collected in the urban environment: “I’m interested in the ambiguity where the synthetic materials like plastic start to imitate or simulate natural materials.”ARCOmadridStamps, Erika Erre, 2011. #focusfinland

Thousands of ants swarm over the wall, taking possession of the spaces.


Foley Objects series, Jonna Kina, 2013. #focusfinland

“The work contains images of very disparate objects bearing captions that offer seemingly unconnected definitions. After studying the image, the viewer is able to understand that the words refer to the sound generated by the objects portrayed, that they give us a mental reference to an experience, which has nothing to do with the image”.