We already had the chance to present the work of French designer Marie Dessuant, who creates elegant and bright pieces.


“My work […] is a design of propositions, maybe suggestions but never solutions“.


She imagines small personal worlds, a sort of shelters where you can find your intimacy and sit to take a break from the world.

Delicate and brilliant, let’s have a talk with Marie Dessuant and get a look at her projects.


Which is the most important thing to know about you?

Maybe, it would be good to give me a bit more time to think about that.

At the moment, I am in a train with a nice cup of green tea, I love watching the landscape pass me by.

I know you made a residence experience in Italy with Fabrica: how was it? How did it push in your ideas?

Fabrica, Benetton’s communication research centre is an applied creativity laboratory, in Treviso (Italy). It was a great opportunity to develop projects, continuing to experiment, to play, to risk…in a diverse and intellectually fertile environment with young designers from all over the world.

Fabrica Benetton_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas Fabrica Benetton_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas1 Fabrica Benetton_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas2
— Objet Coloré, designed with Fabrica team for Benetton • 2012


Fabrica Colors_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas Fabrica Colors_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas1
— Benetton hanger, advertising art direction • in collab. with Fabrica design team / Benetton • 2011

Fabrica Wallpaper_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas
— Fabrica next cabane, art direction • in collab. with Fabrica design team / Wallpaper magazine • 2011

Fabrica Wallpaper_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas1
— Fabrica wanted creativity, art direction in COLORS Magazine • in collab. with Fabrica design team • 2011



There’s a very accurate selection of the colors, which is the meaning of the color in your works?

I think there is no meaning. I work on color only with feelings. Of course maybe after I choose a color, I check if people understand what I want to express with a color, but my first choice is always only about feelings and instinct.


What’s that inspire you most?

Every day life, stuff that surrounds me, but also contemporary art, literature, movies… Actually the list is quite long!

Bow window_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas

Duvet_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas Lighting portico_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas Lighting portico_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas1
— Bow Window, Lighting Portico and Duvet (Objets vagues collection) • 2008


Xia_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas
–Xià • 2007 • exhibition Kaleidoscoscopes, Back from China


How do you interact with your objects and how should people do?

Maybe one of the really important things in my work is to avoid dictating anything to the user. It is a design of propositions, maybe suggestions but never solutions.


What are the pieces you’re most proud of?

I prefer to consider my work like a work in progress including past pieces, present pieces, future pieces and many things in between.

Drapeaux_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas
–Drapeaux (The Bay collection) • 60 exemplary limited edition by Singularité • 2012


Near a swimming pool_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas

— Near a swimming pool • 2011 • Fabrica / Benetton limited editions

Watching the ships roll in_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas Watching the ships roll in_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas1 Watching the ships roll in_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas2

— Watching the ships roll in (The Bay collection) • 30 exemplary limited edition by Singularité • 2012



In your pieces there’s always a search for an escape, for a quiet and personal moment, from the day life and the chaos: is this what you really feel?

Yes, probably my daily life is a mix of chaotic times and moments of calm when I completely disappear.


According to you, what’s that creates magic in your works?

It’s nice to hear that you feel there is magic in my work! Actually I don’t know, because I think I design in a really instinctive way so it becomes quite difficult when I need to analyze my own design.

Soft Fold Cabane_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas Soft Fold Cabane_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas1 Soft Fold Cabane_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas2 Soft Fold Cabane_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas3
–Soft Fold Cabane, designed with Margaux Keller • 2011 • Fabrica Next Cabane exhibition


Which are the reference designers that feed your work?

Charlotte Perriand is one of the designers who inspires me the most. I am big fan of her designs, her sense of color and her simplicity. I am also really impressed when I see her smiling in pictures. She seemed to have a personality with sunshine.


On what are you working right now? Something special you like talking about?

I am working on the showroom of Another Country in Marylebone (London) where I am head of design. I love to think about environments, materials, textures and colors.

Balance_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas

— Balance • 2011 • Secondome gallery featuring Fabrica

Deserto_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas

— Deserto • 2011• Fabrica featuring VCUQatar – shared glass exhibition


Etagere de coin_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas

–Etagère de coin (Objets vagues collection) • 2011
Etagere Y_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas Etagere Y_Marie Dessuant design_polpettas1
–Etagère Y (The Bay collection) • 30 exemplary limited edition by Singularité • 2012




Of what are you prouder of yourself?

Let’s think about that in 50 years…

What were you in your previous life?

Probably a cat. (I hope)

What would you have been, if not an artist?

Many things. I am passionate, curious and really eclectic, so it could have been historian, botanist, specialist in Chinese antiques…

If you’d have to pack your life to move away, just with your most beloved stuffs, which of your pieces would you carry with you?

It is really funny because I have moved a lot, and I used to leave without any of my pieces. The most important thing was to be surrounded by my books and of course my shoes. It is just recently that I have started to settle and have my work in my house, let’s see with the next move.

What’s there on your desk?

Piles of books, papers, notebooks, the computer and sometimes the cat in the middle of this mess.

Your reference artists?

Recently I read “Just Kids” of Patti Smith, which has really inspired me. The way she thinks about the act to create is luminous and poetic. I admire her creative strength that she expresses on really various supports like texts, drawings or songs.

Three adjectives to describe yourself.

Light, dynamic, elegant and maybe pretentious after reading these 3 adjectives…!

A city to describe yourself.

Definitely Paris.

A movie to laugh.

Le grand détournement.

A movie to cry.

The taste of tea, to laugh and cry.

A song.

Walk on the wild side by Lou Reed.

A concert.

I am going to see Arctic Monkeys on Friday. I can’t wait!

The happiest day in your life.


The mistake you would be proud to repeat.

Each time, this sentence crossed my mind: Move on!

A secret wish.

I wish I could sing 🙂


To follow Marie Dessuant projects, Mariedessuant.com.

Interviewed on November 24th 2013, original version in English.