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About Asier Rua one must know he photographs interiors in his work and for personal projects. It is also important to know that he lives in Madrid but his origins are in San Sebastián and that he has published Madrid interior, a book with images which has been seven years in the making. He tells us what his photos don’t tell.

Asier_02How did the idea of  ‘Madrid interior’ start?

In 2008 I worked weekends as an usher at the Amaya theater. I loved the hall of the building and one day I asked the manager if I could take pictures of it between performances. He said yes, so I took the camera with me. I tried to publish those photos, but nobody showed interest in them. I realized there were many spaces I was particularly interested in photographing, but the media I worked for didn’t share this interest. So I decided to start a project on my own.

asier rua_madrid interior_fotografo

Any unexpected images? Any story behind a photo?

There are two with a special nature.

There is the one I took at the home of photographer Pablo Pérez Mínguez. He had passed away one year ago and the house was sold to someone else. I happened to know the architects in charge of the  refurbishment project and they told me in the 80’s Pedro Almodóvar had shot some scenes of the movie Laberinto de Pasiones (Labyrinth of Passion). The character named Sexilia had in a room a mural painting made by artist Guillermo Pérez Villalta and it had been preserved till then. Initially, the new owners of the place didn’t want it and ordered its removal. The mural painting was finally preserved, but only partially. I took a photo the day before it was partly destroyed.

asier rua_madrid interior_fotografo

The other is among those I took of the tents of the 15-M Movement. Those were the only photos I took without thinking of the book. Actually, when I took them it was to illustrate a reportage for El País.

To be continued…


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asier rua_madrid interior_fotografo