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Text by Alice Avallone

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Every time a child sets foot on a ship, a story full of wonders lights up in the world. That’s why the rippling water shimmers in the sun, although adults do not know this. After all, this is not the only thing they are unaware of, as we will discover soon. But in the meantime, let’s leave behind the old continent, wave a white handkerchief from the ferry to greet Tuscany, and get a few kilometers into the Mediterranean Sea. Final destination: Elba.

isola-d'elbaThere are the intense yellow spots of the broom plants, the red broad bands of the iron mines, the coastline covered with white gravel and dotted with blue tourmaline… And yes, there they are, the dream-like colors of the sea, ranging from turquoise to emerald.isola-d'elba

Elba is captivating Antonio, nearly five years old: wide eyes, nose glued to the porthole, carrying on his shoulders a backpack as large as a packet of biscuits.

Things Antonio loves: to go down the stairs and jump from the last steps.

Things Antonio cannot stand: the white sheets of paper are always too small to draw everything, and blue and green colors are always the first to be used up.


That’s why, before leaving for Elba, he had to use orange to draw the outline of the island, the destination of his first holiday with mum and dad. Looking at the lush vegetation of his destination, from the belly of the ferry, Antonio thinks he’s going to the right place to gather the most beautiful leaves, which he will later paste on his paper sheet.

To be continued…


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