Joel Sternfeld (1944, New York) is an American photographer. He debuted in the seventies and was a real pioneer of color photography as a form of art at that time, when “art photographers” were only using black and white.

His photographs are about United States, they’re sober documents of insignificant, and at the same time curious, moments of 80’s American everyday life. Especially the series -and the book-  American Prospects (first edition: 1987, second one: 2003; reissue 2012) where he can capture the essence of that moment and also the constant evolution, the beauty, the fight between man and nature, catching an infinite number of unique details that give life to a pure, spectacular portrait of the United States.

The 2003 edition includes an essay by Kerry Brougher, Chief Curator at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden: “Brougher considers the historical context of Sternfeld’s book and the pivotal role that American Prospects has played in the evolution of contemporary filmmaking and art photography” (cit. American Prospects introduction).

A bittersweet, surreal tale, somehow sad, but definitevely riveting, of America’s prospects and contradictions in the Regan era.

joel sternfeld-american prospects

The Space Shuttle Columbia Lands at Kelly Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas, March 1979


McLean, Virginia, December 1978

joel sternfeld_american prospects

Lake Oswego, Oregon

american prospects-joel sternfeld-

Wet n’ Wild Aquatic Theme Park, Orlando, Florida, September 1980

american prospects_joel sternfeld

After A Flash Flood, Rancho Mirage, California 1979


joel sternfeld american prospects

Page, Arizona, 1983


Bikini Contest, Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 1983