It’s always quite difficult to deal with subjects considered taboo, like sexuality, in a very simple way, without being obvious or banal. Only a few people have the gift to do it in a natural way, as if it was any other subject.

One of these people is Marion Fayolle, a young French illustrator with an amazing talent. Marion has been drawing for a long time, her sketches are composed by simple lines, without too many frills, but they manage to attract the attention and transmit a strong message. Her style is immediately recognizable, simple but precise: sketches with tenuous colours that succeed to say a lot with not too many elements.

Despite her young age, she has done numerous and meaningful collaborations. She has worked for the New York Times, Marie Claire and more recently with the fashion brand Cotélac. Also, she reached a great public with her sixth illustrated book: In Pieces. Published in France in 2014, she was published one year later in Italy by Gallucci editorial.

It’s a small volume, but rich in contents, an object that each of us should have on our own bookstore. Her marvelous erotic illustrations are in all its pages, Marion treats sexuality in the most natural way, transforming daily objects in subtle sexual alussions that do not disturb the reader. Without uttering a word, Marion succeeds to say everything that she wants to say.

marion-fayolle marion-fayollemarion-fayollemarion-fayollemarion-fayollemarion-fayolleA rocket ready to depart for a spedition to the moon, a hungry snail craving for some juicy lettuce, religious women that kneel praying in front of a lighted candle, love shared between one or more people or even alone. A lot of images, each of them fascinating for a reason.

And it is so that ready rockets are seen to depart for a consignment on the moon, hungry snails that cannot wait to feed some juicy lettuce that you/they are found before, religious women that kneel in prayer in front of a great turned on candle, love to be shared with one or more people or simply to enjoy alone, and a lot of other images, each amazing and fascinating. 

A copy can be purchased on the site of the editorial Gallucci.

If such an inclined gift could put in embarrassment to your friends and family, in the last book of Marion Fayolle (only in French for the time being) you can find illustrations about more sentimental issues. You can buy Les amours suspendues on Amazon.