Do you know that crispy air that fills your lungs, but also itches your nose? That kind of winter air that, in the morning, stirs your skin, but in the evening, you’ve got sore throat? That’s exactly how Mr. Bolo is. A joy for the senses, with its consequences. And this is why we like him so much.

Mr. Bolo, alias Marco Nicotra is a simple guy, who pursues his dreams without too much presumption, but with so much talent. After graduating in visual communication at the Politecnico in Milan, he started working as a graphic designer. But it is known that this may be a double-cutter job: so much effort, little recognition.

It is right in this period of work frustration that the idea of BOLO Paper came about, which is Marco’s creative relief valve. BOLO Paper is an independent publishing label, based in Milan. Shortly afterwards, Marco decides to leave completely his job as “digital” graphic designer to deepen what of his work has to do with materials. Thus he started researching and studying the materials and printing techniques, and ended up collaborating with Tipografia Reali, one of the most famous press shops in Milan.


Tipografie Reali

In this period of research on materials, step by step, BOLO Paper started taking shape. Different fanzines came about from collages, photocopies and accumulations of things that Marco had found in markets, mostly without even using a computer. Thus, the visual always wins and stay still, remaining, if possible, even stronger. He plays with humour and misunderstanding, taking ideas mainly from that beautiful visual world of the 80’s.


BOLO Paper in fiera

We asked him why he chose Bolo as the name of his publishing label.

“I needed an Italian word of four letters for the first layout of the project and I told myself that I had to find it by evening. And so here’s bolo, which, among other things, I liked very much for its sense of food bolus (ed. actually, it is Italian for bolus).”

At the end of this year BOLO Paper will see coming out the third issue of his main product, BOLO,  a fanzine including works from several contributors from all over the world. After Stars are indispensable and Dreams are indispensable, the next topic will be death. Even though we have to wait to know whether it will be the end of BOLO or not.


BOLO 1 and BOLO 2

BOLO Paper is not the fanzine, but also many other publications that stand between photography and illustration. Fanzines, photobooks and postcards, always without taking themselves too seriously. But this doesn’t mean stupid.

These are our favorites… [In Bolo the texts are as important as the images]



Bambini giustamente depressi

bolo paper_6



Marco’s work is cool and tells of worlds beyond the screen that we are increasingly used to fixing maniacally. Even just the fact that he creates publications cutting and pasting images, allows us to understand a bit more of what lies behind Mr. Bolo’s creativity. A creativity that uses virtually all senses to exist and comes from the need to exhale emotions and thoughts without necessarily being “commercial”. And that is why, perhaps, it is even more powerful and real creative.

For this reason, more and more often, Marco is asked to teach workshops on how to create what he creates, using his hands, which he says, “I rediscovered after 25 years of digital work.”

Workshops generally have the theme of the city where they are organised, and articulate through the search for those images that will then compose the final fanzine.

And as usual, we asked our guest a bit of his artistic preferences, in this case his favorite Instagram accounts. Here you are:




Now we just have to wait until the end of 2017 for the next issue of BOLO. And who knows, maybe it will be the last one…

Thank you so much Mr. Bolo!