Every day, during this month, we presented on our Facebook page a gorgeous work of a great artist, to welcome Summer in our and your days!

So nothing better to show you once again the illustrations, photos and works that we hand picked for you in the month of August, and say goodbye to Summer: “See you next year!”, now it’s time to be back to work.


Dean West

1.Dean West_photographer

Joanne Ho


2.Joanne Ho_illustration

Joanne Ho

Maria Svarbova
3.Maria Svarbova_photographer
Sofia Coppola

4.Sofia Coppola_Somewhere

David Hockney

5.David Hockney_artist

Jean Jullien

6.Jean Jullien_illustration

Carla Fuentes7.Carla Fuentes_illustration
Yayoi Kusama

8.Yayoi Kusama_artist_naoshima

Massimo Vitali

9.Massimo Vitali_photographer

Massimo-Vitali, Genova Pegli West, 2002

George Byrne

10.george byrne_photographer

20.george byrne_photographer

Luigi Ghirri


Michela Buttignol

michela buttignol_beach_illustration

Manuel Ocana


Julia Rothman

14.julia rothman

Martin Parr

15.Martin Parr

Merve Ozaslan

17.Merve Ozaslan_collage

June Kim

17.June Kim_photographer

Bodil Jane

18.bodil jane_illustration

Alistair Taylor-Young

19.Alistair Taylor-Young_photographer