“We used to be a band, we’re now a duo…fuck it, I’m going pink!”: this is what Brianna Collins and Cacie Dalager must have thought recently. It’s weird that two of my favorite American fluffy-emo indie bands are now a duo, and in both cases, the girl has dyed her hair pink, isn’t it?

I’m talking about Tigers Jaw and Now, Now, which are gloriously back after a (most needed?) break.

Tigers Jaw ditched their “band clothes” and they’re now out with Spin, a debut for the new label Black Cement. Most of the fans could say that they don’t sound like Tigers Jaw anymore, especially after the transitory album Charmer, but I have this feeling that Collins and Walsh could express themselves more freely and satisfactorily this time, without going far from what they used to be in their previous albums. I mean, I really don’t miss Adam McIlwee’s voice, do you?

So, pink hair, a defined new pensive attitude, a lot of stories to play and emotions to share. I do like this change, good job guys!

I lost track of Now Now after their long tour and television debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon  in 2013. I literally consumed Threads, it had the magical power to take me back to my teenage years and turn me into a weeping, sensitive, pimply girl.

On May 8th they deleted all previous contents from their Facebook and Twitter page to then announce that Jess Abbott left the band. Again: pink hair was more than appreciated to introduce the duo and the new single, SGL, which is hugely different from their previous sound and it’s more than ok. They look so bold I can’t help but adore them: YAY for Cacie and Bradley!


What should I expect next?

More pink hair, less melancholy, for starters! It may seem tender, but God knows what’s hidden behind this color… Welcome back summer, again!


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pictures by www.samsanromanphoto.com