We’re very proud to announce that the issue #4 of our paper magazine Polpettas On Paper is out! Polpettas On Paper is a biannual interview magazine on contemporary arts and culture, created between Spain and Italy, and spread all over the world.

Polpettas On Paper is thought for art lovers, for inspiration seekers and for curious minds.

Polpettas On Paper is a new kind of art magazine: it deals with contemporary art, design, photography, music, illustration, and with this new issue we opened our doors also to dance, choreography and urban art.

A journal about artists and their stories is our tagline: each issue offers a collection of in-depth conversations around creativity and inspiration with artists, designers, photographers, musicians, illustrators.

“What’s the meaning of Polpettas?” many of you asked us. Here you are!

[pol · pét · ta ] s.f. pl.-e

Polpetta is Italian for “meatball”

We think of the elements of each story as ingredients: the artists we interview, their works, the time we spend with them, the cities they live in. All these ingredients are chopped up, mixed together and baked into delicious meatballs, each one a unique, easy-to-digest story. The pages of this magazine combine into one very tasty dish.


Polpettas On Paper #4 is a 17×24 and 160 recycled paper pages publication. All the texts are in English, with the curious presence of some original texts in Italian and Spanish, that is the original language of the interview.

You can find the new issue in selected bookshops and concept stores worldwide, from Berlin, on the shelves of Do You read me?! and Soda Books, to Madrid – bookshop of La Fabrica and La Central del Reina Sofia design store- and to Milan: visit the awesome spaces of Galleria Sozzani and its bookshop at the first floor of 10 Corso Como, and magazines store Reading Room. In the USA, buy PoP in the chain Barnes and Nobles and at the sale points of I.m.p.o.r.t. News in Manhattan, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Discover all our stockists here.

Order your copy online, or visit one of  our glorious bookstores, and enjoy your days in company of Polpettas On Paper!