The issue #TWO of our paper magazine Polpettas On Paper is out!

With this issue we tried to get a more precise idea of our intentions, starting from the name: “… but what’s the meaning of Polpettas?” many of you asked us. Here you are!

[pol · pét · ta ] s.f. pl.-e

Polpetta is Italian for “meatball”

We think of the elements of each story as ingredients: the artists we interview, their works, the time we spend with them, the cities they live in. All these ingredients are chopped up, mixed together and baked into delicious meatballs, each one a unique, easy-to-digest story. The pages of this magazine combine into one very tasty dish.


The magazine Polpettas On Paper [friendly called PoP by its founders] offers to its readers a series of long and in-depth interviews with artists, photographers, illustrators, designers, musicians, where they do not talk only about their creative process, but also about their own life, their habits, and their way to see and live the world, in a more intimate and less abstract way.

“A journal about artists and their stories” is our tagline: it’s made of conversations around creativity and inspiration, printed on 160 recycled paper pages, enriched by a sophisticated layout that makes Polpettas On Paper not only a real design object, but also a perfect magazine “to put in your bag and bring with you during this summer holidays” [Frizzifrizzi magazine].

polpettas on paper magazine

polpettas-paper-magazinesilvia camporesibarbican-polpettas-magazine

Issue #TWO really looks great and features interviews with the Icelandic musician Ólafur Arnalds, the French illustrator London based Malika Favre, know for her beautiful covers for The New Yorker magazine, such as the one made for Bob Dylan Nobel Prize. Our contributor Valeria Crescenzi chatted with Swiss artist New York based Olaf Breuning, and they had so much fun! We met Andrea and Simone in Amsterdam, the Italian design duo known as Studio Formafantasma, and we present a large 
reportage -which starts from the cover!- on Silvia Camporesi work, the Italian photographer we met in her studio in Forlì. For the solo project, we introduce the amazing collage series by Margaux Soland on Barbican building, discovered during a journey to London some months ago.

The magazine feature also works and reportages by internoconcucina, Mònica Figueras, Andrea De Santis, Bianca Vagnoli, Tekla Evelina Severin, Benedetta Ristori, Sainte Maria, Agustí Sousa.

Polpettas On Paper #TWO is a 17×24 and 160 recycled paper pages magazine. All the texts are in English, with the curious presence of some original texts in Italian or Spanish, that is the original language of the article.

You can find the new issue in selected bookshops and concept stores worldwide, from Berlin, on the shelves of Do You read me?! and Soda Books, to Madrid – bookshop of La Fabrica and El Paracaidista– and to Venice: if you’re around during the Biennale, spot it at Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana bookshops. In the USA, buy PoP in the chain Barnes and Nobles. Discover all our stockists here.

Order your copy online, or visit one of  our glorious bookstores, and enjoy your summer in company of Polpettas On Paper!


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