We reached this magical place in a summer afternoon on our way to Arles.

Château La Coste is the perfect place to have a charming and relaxing day, surrounded by vineyards, green hills and stunning pieces of art. From its very opening in 2008, Château La Coste marked a direct line between wine production and art, having its cuverie designed by the great architect Jean Nouvel: two huge aluminum buildings, 10 meters high, which play a major role in the architectural project of all Château La Coste site.

Visitors can enjoy a tour with a professional sommelier, learning something more about the process, the technology and the sale of Château La Coste wines. But this is just the starting point of the experience. Château La Coste is much more. It is a walk up the hills exploring art installations and architecture, an experience of beauty in the pure sense of the word.

Wineyards in Chateau La Coste

Wineyards in Château La Coste


Building by Jean Nouvel


Tadao Ando conceived the Art Centre for Château La Coste. A plain and perfect pool of water and a giant Louise Bourgeois spider welcome you at the entrance of the Art Centre. The architectural perfection of Tadao Ando makes you feel in another world from the very first moment. Start from the Art Centre, grab a map and enjoy the Art and Architectural Walk. The vineyards around you make the rest.

Contemporary artists and architects are invited to conceive a work of art to live in harmony with the landscape. Some of them are standing committees, some other are temporary exhibitions, some others are proper pavilions built with the aim of hosting concerts, activities, art shows. The walk evolves as new projects are exposed.

Last but not least, take a few hours to relax in the beautiful open-air bistrot. Excellent food and wine of course, and nice people too: Michael Stipe from R.E.M (one of his works as a visual artist is exhibited in the walk) and the artist JRwho had a temporary exhibition there and mentioned Château La Coste as one of his favourite places ever–were seated next to us. We could not miss the opportunity of taking advantage of this meeting, having an original JR sketch on my catalogue!

Here are our personal highlights. Enjoy!


Spider sculpture by Louise Bourgeois


Psicopompos by Tunga

Liam Gillick

Multiplied Resistence Screened by Liam Gillick

chateau lacoste1

Work of art from the Art Centre by Tadao Ando

Giuseppe Penone

Des Corps de Pierre by Giuseppe Penone


Tracey Emin

Calix Meus Inebrians by Guggi

JR sketch and signature