As known in the world as the Eternal City, famous for its stunning monuments and romantic atmospheres, Rome is not only the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps and the Saint Peter’s church, it is also historical districts with palaces and prestigious mansions. One of these is Rione Monti that in ancient times was part of the Suburra a plebeian area, while today is a lively and cool district rich of interesting contemporary projects. Polpettas Mag has created a tour to discover Rione Monti through the activities made by artists who have found in this place their own home.



Since 2009 in the heart of Rione Monti at Via Urbana two brothers, Edoardo Maria and Francesco Giusti, design and make objects and interior furnishings in series and one-off pieces inside an open-space used both as a workshop and as a show-room. Their objects are self-produced entirely in Rome with the contribution of local skilled artisans to give to each object not only sophisticated design lines but also the hand-made quality.




A tiny treasure located in the historical goldsmith shops street in Rione Monti, Sottobosco sells jewelry and accessories with contemporary design created with unusual shapes and materials. Necklaces with glass bubbles, pendants with moss inside and earrings made with electronic components, Sottobosco offers a variety of shapes and colours for everyone who loves wearing original accessories. All the items for sale are both as own-production and as Italian or foreign external artisans.




Founded in 2011 and furnished with all shades of green, Aromaticus is an interesting mix between a bistrò and a gardening shop. In this delightful place located in Via Urbana is indeed possible eating delicious organic vegetarian dishes and buying items for balconies and city gardens. An entire wall is reserved for sale a great variety of aromatic plants such as Genoese basil or an original thyme scented with lemon.



Elena Kihlman

In the heart of Rioni Monti there is a Scandinavian corner. In via Urbana since 2009 Elena Kihlman, a handmade bags, textiles, and interior furnishings designer with Finnish origins, has opened its own show-room, where she sells its productions and imported items with scandinavian design. Soft bags made with felt, colored fabulous fabrics and lamps with modern shapes, the show-room called like the owner-designer is the perfect place where shopping North European design objects.


roma_monti_Elena Kihlman

Atelier Monti

Atelier Monti, the furnishing show-room located in the historical street via Panisperna is not only a shop of contemporary design objects, but it is also a laboratory of ideas where architects with international experiences plan and realize interior furnishings. The professionality combined with design and lighting of spaces are the Atelier Monti focus to make living spaces projects that they are elegant and with a look of latest trends.

roma_monti_Atelier Monti