The On Printed Paper website has revealed us a very well-kept secret up to now. In Polpettas Mag we have discovered through the book Hidden Urbanism the magic and beauty that lives under the streets of Moscow, the city’s metro is certainly a place to get lost in.

It’s worth flipping through the pages of this photographic book, and if you are fascinated by this type of visual publication, don’t hesitate and discover other similar ones in On Printed Paper.


With a network of connections of 320 km in length, 200 stations, 2.4 billion passengers a year, a depth that can often scare and a line crossing that looks like a puzzle, the Moscow Metro is considered one of the most beautiful and fascinating in the world.

The photo book Hidden Urbanism. Architecture and Design of the Moscow Metro 1935 – 2015 traces its history, from the first stations dating back to the Stalin period, famous for the sumptuous entrances, the decorated ceilings, columns, stairs and marble floors, sculptures and mosaics that envy any museum or art gallery; up to the most modern, almost futuristic stations.

From the photographs that document the incredible urban transformation that took place over the years, to those taken on construction sites still open for the last extension of the line, to drawings or even advertising posters and work done by the graphic studio Art. Lebedev on corporate identity.

A 360 ° look at the Moscow underground  that enriches the ever-growing catalogue of publications related to Russia, its history and its culture to which the DOM has been working for several years.





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Text and images by On Printed Paper for Abitare magazine