In Polpettas Mag we love finding out about new projects, books, unknown but magic illustrations… This is why we would like to recommend The Forest, a children’s  book where drawings and die-cutting are the main features. You can find it in the website On Printed Paper, and enjoy an intense visual and sensory experience.

After several changes we decided not to give to many clues about this beautiful illustration book. We don’t want to anticipate the story or tell you anything about its details or secrets. It’s just a book worth looking at, spending time flicking through it, reading it, feeling the touch of its pages and just letting yourself get overwhelmed as you slowly discover it.

Written by Riccardo Bozzi and illustrated by Violeta Lópiz and Valerio Vidali, in the Italian edition for Terre di Mezzo, is a masterpiece that does not need presentations or reviews. If you want to know what is hidden inside this forest you just have to get in and get lost…

Riccardo Bozzi-la foresta Riccardo Bozzi-la foresta Riccardo Bozzi-la foresta

on printed paper la forestaRiccardo Bozzi-la foresta

 Text and pictures by On Printed Paper