We are thrilled to announce a new beautiful collaboration between Polpettas Mag and On Printed Paper. What is On printed paper? It’s a wonderful place where you can find books to read, to watch, to buy as a present for yourself or for others. The three founders of the project decided to cover mostly printed editions that are still in strong demand despite the current editorial crisis and the rapid growth of e-books.

The passion for searching and discovering books which are little known, and can’t be found in bookshops, led them to open On printed paper in 2014, to share the paper treasures with as many people as possible. For this reason you’ll find just the books they love: after reading every product carefully, if they’re not sure, no review for it.

Among the reviews published on On Printed Paper we chose to talk about this small book, maybe… the shortest book in the world! 

Intanto… Il libro più corto del mondo di Paul Cox

As I think what I can write about this book, meanwhile life goes on, time flies, hours are passing and seasons change.

As I write this review, meanwhile there are people working, resting, watching TV, studying, playing, exercising, crying, laughing, getting sick, healing, having fun, getting bored, kissing, feeling lonely, playing music, calling, dancing, cooking, leaving or arriving, eating, partying, writing, reading, watching fireworks, counting the stars, coming to life, dying, …

Intanto… Il libro più corto del mondo (Meanwhile… the shortest book in the world) by Paul Cox does not have a beginning nor an end; it’s just a series of images representing a moment or event of human life, connected by a single word: meanwhile…

The shortest book in the world or maybe the longest.

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text and pictures by On Printed Paper