It happens sometimes that you read a book that was not written to win prizes or enter the top ten but it simply tells a story, without trying to find the perfect word or sentence to be underlined by the reader. This is how I felt while reading Un mondo raro. Vita e incanto di Chavela Vargas written by Antonio Di Martino and Fabrizio Cammarata (two Sicilian songwriters I higly recommend). It is a fascinating travel into the life of Chavela Vargas, a worldwide famous and admired singer who is still almost unknown in Italy.
A woman who seems to have lived one thousand lives: she was born in Costa Rica and became famous in Mexico, charming everyone with her incredible voice and seducing beautiful women, even Frida Kahlo. A rebel, nonconformist, always off the rules and too much attached to tequila: a love and vice that led her almost to disappear (she was believed dead) until she came back suddenly in the spotlight, nearly 80 years old, with her songs in the films by Almodóvar and Frida with Salma Hayek.
It’s a book of meetings, memories, stories that will enchant you right away and will bring you near the “rare” world of Chavela Vargas.

Authors: Antonio Di Martino, Fabrizio Cammarata

Publisher: La Nave di Teseo / Italian edition

ISBN: 9788893441186


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