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We’re back to talk about the exhibition of art books Libros Mutantes, this time to present properly Publications for Pleasure -a little publisher of Barcelona- ​​and their publications, which they do, of course, for pleasure! 

In occasion of Libros Mutantes they have created a special paper bag with a quote from one of the characters that made the history of design, Charles Eames (yes, the guy of the chairs!), “Take your pleasure seriously”.

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Hesitant in the choice between Atlas and Vermouth, we chose the first one when we discovered that their magazines are “one shot”, each project is unique and with no ties with the others, even if they are numbered: Atlas has been their first publication, indeed, and so it’s the issue number one (hence the choice) even though the four magazines made until now are like worlds on their own.

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Publications for Pleasure is synonymous of inspiration, the one Albert Jornet, Mònica Figueras and Bea Bascuñán have definitely found to create such attractive and well cared products, and certainly an inspiration for something beautiful will also strike those who will flip through the pages of these little catalogs with places, people, tables set and drawn, pieces of world and wide open eyes.

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Atlas couldn’t but enchant us: only in the last page a kind of index reveals what you begin to assume page after page, a world, city after city, travelled through images and words, created thanks to the conjunction of collaborators from all over the world.

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“She’s not the star. She is not the main actress. She is not that extraordinary lovely and charismatic girl that exudes talent through every pore and who everyone wants to know. On the other hand, this city is that chameleonlike performer, with character, a master when it’s time to transform itself over and over again according to the script’s demand and capable of raising a film from a secondary role. There are cities that, behind the lens of a camera, fit better in the category of “supporting actress”. Like this one. […]”

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End of journey! You’ve travelled 37.772 km

… and don’t forget:

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