The Spanish area of Levante. This may not be the most suitable theme to provoke the interest of an audience anxious to contemplate new photography, quality photography. However, the international photographer Ricardo Cases has managed to establish chaos and transmit airs of freedom in a series of five photography projects, that inquiere into the recognizable area of Murcia and Valencia.

‘‘A good photography is one you can’t define’’

The Photoespaña festival honors this award-winning photographer with an individual exhibition where the spectator has to open his mind. Composed by a set of atypical photographs, where the saturation of color, the light and the most avant-garde Spanish spirit reign in the room. Ricardo Cases portrays the Spanish symbolism, revealing the culture of this country. The characters and places presented are the archetype of the Mediterranean, they bring you to the most typical Spanish traditions that seem to go on the opposite way of today’s modern society.

Ricardo Cases Levante

Series Podría haberse evitado

Bland images, this series makes a subtle criticism of the property speculation that are suffering many areas of the Spanish geography. Composed by photographs showing different scenarios, elements with no utility for the village are portrayed in an area with symptoms of having suffered a previous abandonment.

Accompanied with texts that seem to have been written by a detective, the spectator must use his imagination to understand what happens in the pictures, that appear to be representing a crime scene. With a mysterious aura, Ricardo plays a discovering game between all those scenarios that seem to have ruined the Levante area. A story of a meriodinal tragedy.

Ricardo Cases Levante

Fotografía de la serie ‘Podría haberse evitado’

Ricardo Cases Levante

Fotolibro ‘Podría haberse evitado’

Ricardo Cases Levante

Fotografía de la serie ‘Podría haberse evitado’

Series Sol

The blinding light, the reflection of the solar panels, the Levante essence. Visual strength that is emphasized by the installation of the images on a minimalist structure, giving the impression that the photographs are getting closer, fighting with one another.

”The sun conditions everything on this earth, from identity to economy, and I wanted to represent this in every possible way”

In this series, Ricardo shows how the sun influences people’s characters, their sensations, identities and even the way of life of each place. Strong colors, situations and characters easy to recognize in the Spanish Mediterranean. Ricardo doesn’t care about the frame or the established rules.

Ricardo Cases Levante

Fotolibro ‘Sol’

Ricardo Cases Levante

Fotografía de la serie ‘Sol’

Series El porqué de las naranjas

Striking, images representing curious situations that at the same time seem familiar in a certain way. Bordering the absurd, the chaotic, in each photograph we ask ourselves how each of the moments represented by the photographer has actually happened. The title of the series itself is a rhetorical question, with bursts of color and unrelated elements, that at the same time transmit the feeling of been close to one another.

Trivial instants that generally go unnoticed, Ricardo Cases sheds light on them, proposing to think a little deeper.

Fotografía de 'El porque de las naranjas'

Fotografía de ‘El porqué de las naranjas’

Fotolibro 'El porqué de las naranjas'

Fotolibro ‘El porqué de las naranjas’

Fotografía de 'El porque de las naranjas'

Fotografía de ‘El porque de las naranjas’

Series Paloma al aire

Risky. This is how this series is, where Ricardo reveals one of the symbols of the Levante area, pigeon racing. A Spanish tradition that unlike his other projects, shows an emblem of the Mediterranean not very well known in the rest of the country. The breeding of pigeons to make them compete in races is a common hobby. He created a book where he freed himself from all the ties he had in his origin as a photojournalist, publishing it with a simple spiral in which he painted, divided pictures in two… A photobook with no rules whatsoever.

“In the garden it is easy to find a cloud of pigeons painted in colors”

Game of adults, these birds are painted with flashy colors, Ricardo Cases shows in his work what remains of this already reduced world of pigeon competitions in what is his most recognised and awarded creation.

Fotografía de la serie 'Paloma al aire'

Fotografía de la serie ‘Paloma al aire’

Fotolibro 'Paloma al aire'

Fotografía de la serie ‘Paloma al aire’

Series Estudio elemental del Levante

This work gives name to all of Ricardo’s series, touching themes that if it wasn’t for the photographer, probably would never had been portrayed. The expansion of a certain beetle that arrived from an import of palm trees from Egypt, the devastation of oranges and palm trees or a band of musicians are exposed in this peculiar series.

Also different is its presentation, its rough papers and shades that are closer to a beige color distinguish this series.

”It’s difficult to find works of mine that look alike, I like searching for the possibilities of photography, and exploring the way of portraying something that enhances an idea that I have”


Fotografías de la serie ‘Estudio elemental del Levante’

Fotografía de la serie 'Estudio elemental del Levante'

Fotografía de la serie ‘Estudio elemental del Levante’

Ricardo’s vocation as a photographer started when entering the dark room of the faculty of journalism of the Basque Country University. Years later, this set of photographs emerged from a need of the photographer to see his mother, to return to his homeland. He claims to use his intuition when taking photographs, and his mind when composing each series.

Exposición de Photoespaña en Madrid

Exposición de Photoespaña en Madrid