For those who’ve always dreamed of a tree house, now just a fly to Sweden and see their desires made reality: Norwegian architecture studio Snøhetta (those who made the National Opera House in Oslo) have created an extraordinary hotel room for Swedish Treehotel .

The 7th room of the Treehotel in Harads, in northern Sweden, is a real tree house, where for “tree house” we refer to a cozy 55 square meter suites, made of glass and wood, perched to 10 meters high in the Swedish pine forest. The luxurious alpine retreat is designed by Snøhetta to allow a magnificent view on Lappish landscape from any corner of the glass room, and thus to fully immerse ourselves in the nature and, if you are lucky, admire the Aurora Borealis.

The 7th room is accessible via an outside staircase that goes around to the twelve pillars used to support the suspended room, and there’s even an elevator, because… you don’t want to start a vacation carrying on you hand luggage up the stairs! The suspended room on Swedish river Lule is composed of two bedrooms, a living room -in addition to a bathroom- and also an outdoor terrace.

The Treehotel, about 50 km from the Arctic Circle, was opened in 2010 and has quickly become pretty famous precisely for the peculiar approach to the landscape, and its spectacular architecture. The rest of the complex offers six rooms, all of them suspended from the ground and designed by other Scandinavian big studios of interior design: although very different from each other -and different from the exceptional 7th room– all the treerooms are to be considered for an expedition into nature, but one of those all-comfort and relax.

The Treehotel, designed by Kent & Britta Lindvall, can be booked on site, 7th room included.



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all images © Johan Jansson