Margherita Visentini

Founder & Editor-in-chief

Madrid-based storyteller and content creator with a degree in art history. As freelance writer, I contribute to different media, bringing love and constant fresh insights into the world of art, design, indie publications and contemporary culture. Driven by singular curiosity, I write stories that matters and design contents, both on and offline. I would never have to answer to one of my interviews!

Giacomo Prestinari

Managing Editor

I still live in a world 1.0, where photography is analog and I still like having a conversation during lunch break instead of looking at my email on the phone. I'm a video editor because I like putting things together but even though It's quite a time I'm doing this, how it works in the end is pure magic to me.

Alice Amati


Alice is a marketing and communication manager for a design store based in Lugano, Switzerland; but she lives in Como, Italy and she has a Russian husband. The cross-cultural situations are always been part of her life and they have lead her to develop a strong curiosity and passion to get in touch with other cultures.

Alice Spadaro


Illustrator and graphic designer based in Amsterdam, co-founder of internoconcucina, a research and styling studio focused on food culture. Pattern sucker, plant lover and compulsive list maker - I am often busy combining coloured paper into tiny collages and playing my ukulele. I believe the cure to anything is a new book or a walk to the sea side - possibly both and in this order.

Elisa Verrazzo


With the passion for travels, photography, and cuisine, I spent my last six years living abroad - in Switzerland and in Kuwait - to follow my better half. Now based in the eternal city of Rome, everyday I am looking for interesting stories to tell on internet using words and pics.

Francesco Ciaponi


Laureato in Storia della Stampa e dell’Editoria all’Università di Pisa. Dopo la fanzine Friscospeaks nel 2010 fonda Italian Poster Rock Art, l’archivio italiano della poster art. Nel 2016 fonda la piccola casa editrice indipendente Edizioni del Frisco che esordisce nel 2017 con il volume dal libro “The Big Lebowski Art Collection”. Nel 2018 è uscito "Underground: ascesa e declino di un'altra editoria". Si occupa di storia della stampa e della grafica.

Gemma Avinyó Fontanet


I am an Art Historian, specialized in art collecting. I teach at University in Lleida, where I also live. My true passion is traveling, and I do it as often as I can (never enough!). I am also a good food and white wine passionate, and I do love design and architecture. And contemporary art, of course.

Giorgia Pittau

La Poltroncina Bianca Author

Cinema is my Linus' security blanket: watching a good movie, on my sofa or on a cinema seat, I always feel welcome. So I decided to join some of my passions, writing and cinema, giving life to the bonsai reviews, little experiments of style and creativity.

Ludovica Guescini


I live in my own world full of details that others don't notice. I put ideas, sensations, images and dreams down on paper through the use of words. I'm a freelance communication consultant that believes in the past to create something new.

Luisa Covini


I'm a professional procrastinator and a crazy cat lady in the free time. I weigh life in insta-grams while fantasizing about breakfasts in bed. In the meantime I write, take photos and chase my dreams in Milan.

Marcella Grandi & Federica Dordoni


We are similar as much as we are different one from the other. Based in Milan, we work as Producers for adv and cultural events. We both love art, movies, bath tubs, driving for hours and zapping on the radio. As in our job, we pretty much plan stuff in our personal life too: travels, things to see, books to read, clothes to buy and much more. But we do not plan everything of course! We still have thoughts that are waiting to be turned in something real. One dream for two: to open a small boutique hotel like that beautiful farm up there in Iceland..

Marta Valpiana


I usually pay my attention to small details that pass unnoticed to a faster look. Like weed along the streets, the look of a dog to its owner, pop corn smell out of a theater. I studied visual arts in Venice, mysterious and poetic city. I love drawing and use my creativity wherever I can. I started to collaborate with Polpettas Mag in Madrid, and I think I'll never stop!

Martina Varnier


I came back home but I’m always ready to go again. Freelance press office, I teach letters in the secondary school and I think there isn’t a job better than this. As there is nothing more beautiful of waking up in a new place, leave and then return, the pages of a good book, a table of friends, a walk to the sea, in the countryside or in the city, the camera of my iPhone and Rucola, my dog and my roommate.

Nicole Romanelli

Chopsticks! Author

When she was just a child she wanted to be a music conductor. She likes the taste of new things and the smell of old stuff. She usually lives in very crowded places. After Bologna, Shanghai, La Coruña, Hangzhou, Kunming, and Turin, she found some peace somewhere between noodles and digital communication.

Salvatore Sapienza


Valentina Zardini

Music Editor

Valentina always writes. If the primary needs are eating and sleeping, for her you´ll need to add to the list listening to music, reading and writing. Tireless dreamer, her mental acrobatics sometimes end up on some blogs, magazines, notebooks, walls or webzines. She´s mesmerized by beauty, her red cat Dexter, nature, her two nephews, traveling, silver balloons and million of other things she is not yet aware of.

Valeria Crescenzi

Design Editor

Valeria is a Journalist born in the beautiful city of Rome. Currently based in Zurich, she is the founder of The Design Pot, an online magazine about independent design​. She loves telling the stories behind creative projects and her icon is Andy Warhol. ​

Viviana Attard

Art & Design Editor

Freelance journalist with an endless love for everything that's creative; And for Paris & Trieste, of course!