She can count on forty years of career, twenty nominations at the Academy Awards, taking home three Oscars for Best Actress (Sophie’s choice and The Iron Lady) and Best Actress in a Leading role (Kramer vs. Kramer).

She has been the lesbian wife of Woody Allen, a witch Into the Woods, a single mother owner of a small hotel in Greece, the most detested and respected woman in fashion, a terrible singer in New York (even if she can sing heavenly), an Iron Lady… And so she was defined as “the most gifted film actress of the late 20th century”.

We are talking obviously of Meryl Streep, an amazing, talented and remarkable woman and actress. What do you think she might need? An Instagram account that every day reminds us how beautiful she is? Well, she may be not as “social” as her many fellow actors in Hollywood… so here comes the wild, funny and beautiful reality of Internet in her -and ours- rescue, giving us things we never thought we would need.

We have to thank the brilliant mind of Samantha Raye for our daily dose of Streep on Instagram: the one and only account @tasteofstreep is in fact her creation. Raye concocts for our personal delight a brew of fashion, our favorite movie icon and some delicious food, for a visionary, funny and irresistible result.

Please enjoy some Death Bacon-es Her, take a sip of a dry Martini à la Prada and end your starred – literally – supper with a bite of a she-devilish doughnut. This is how it all started, by the way: when Raye photoshopped a frame of Meryl Streep from the movie She-Devil into a pink doughnut and posted it on her profile, she got amazing feedbacks in return, so she started a dedicated account for our delight. That’s it: some of the best ideas come out from boredom, it’s an indisputable truth!

Almost every day on @tasteofstreep you’ll find a new creative collage, which in the digital age may sounds like a piece of pop art. Samantha Raye also doesn’t spare the red carpet outfits of Meryl Streep and keeps an eye out for the latest foodie trends. So be prepared to take inspiration on what to eat or watch next from your new favorite Instagram account.

mamma-mia-tasteofstreepDeath-Becomes-Her-tasteofstreep devil-wears-prada-tasteofstreep into-the-woods-tasteofstreep out-of-africa-tasteofstreep

taste-of-streep-nachos taste-of-streep-fries taste of streep-hamburger taste of streep-pizza Taste-of-Streep-Cerviche taste-of-streep-beer taste-of-streep-banana taste-of-streep-taco taste-of-streep-sushi taste-of-streep-spaghetti