Brussels and its love story with Art Nouveau has left numerous architectural wonders across the Belgian capital: remarkable buildings that with their rich decorations attract the attention of the visitors and fill in with beauty the daily routine of the locals.



The rich figures, the pastel colours, the geometrical shapes, the natural motifs and the delicate use of iron, mirrors and light break with the architecture of the other buildings, creating a wow factor that enchants.

Many of the buildings in this style were and still are privately owned: sometimes a careful eye can catch their astonishing decorations from the outside, but in most cases, these are hidden gems that only few have the privilege to admire.



With the intent of opening the doors to visitors, but mainly to engage the inhabitants of Brussel to discover the artistic heritage of their city, the Banad festival took place during the month of March of this year for its first edition.

With a weekly pass it was possible to book different guided tours to Art Nouveau buildings and private houses across the entire city of Brussel. Polpettas could not miss to this great initiative and joined the tours to some key buildings such as the Old England old stores. The former department stores now hosts the Musical Instrument Museum since 2000.

Old England

Old England

The Frison Hotel, designed by Victor Horta, went through a rough past, but now most of its original features are restored, with its elegant winter garden and original Art Nouveau furniture and decoration, such as the door handles, a true obsession in Horta’s design.

Art-Nouveau_Banad-Festival_Brussels Art-Nouveau_Banad-Festival_Brussels


Thanks to the festival we had the chance to visit the Tassel Mansion, another masterpiece by Victor Horta with its innovative (for the time) design in the structure of the house, the hidden radiators and an unexpected space for photographic projections.

During the four weeks of the festival it was possible to visit several building like the Aimable Delune House, the Conterporary Art Brussel Center, the Cauchie House, the Congo Palace, the Clairval Villa, the Blérot 42 and 46 House and the Espérance Hotel.

It comes without saying that we are really looking forward for next year edition!

Banad festivalEsperance Hotel