The moment when your embarrassment fades away, the hardness of the cinema industry in Los Angeles, or the value of a deep friendship are some of the pieces that form The Disaster Artist. The film directed and interpreted by James Franco, reveals the phenomenon of how one of the worst movies in history becomes an amazing work of art.

Nominated to the Oscar for the best adapted screenplay, The Disaster Artist uncovers the mystery of the eccentric character of Tommy Wiseau and the realisation of his movie The Room, described as the “best worst film” in history. The nefarious interpretations of the actors, the secondary background stories where the spectator never gets to know the end, and the impossible mixture of camera shots leaded this film that was supposed to be a drama to turn into a cult comedy.

The disaster artist james franco tommy wiseau11

However and in spite of the exaggerated egocentrism of Tommy Wiseau, James Franco confronts the making off of The disaster artist from an admirer point of view towards his figure, performing his character in a very realistic way. He carries out a sensitive interpretation at the same time that he plays with his shady nature. He reinforces his authentic essence as a person who doesn’t like keeping anything inside and follows his dream even when he feels his opportunities have run out.

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Fantastic acting of the secondary characters, usual group of contributors of James Franco. Greg Sestero, Tommy Wiseau’s most faithful friend is interpreted by his brother, Dave Franco. You can feel the strong connection between them through the screen, they manage to transmit the spectator the special energy that exists between the two main characters. Juliette Danielle, Seth Rogen or Zac Efron also contribute to feel the core of The Room in a very intimate way.

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James Franco succeeds to express the perfect balance between respect and mockery. To have being able to attain a movie like The Disaster Artist from a film like The Room turns out to be captivating.