Tina Modotti is played by Ashley Judd in the movie Frida. The two women were friends, they shared ideals as well as the Mexican land, country of adoption for Tina. Many kind of works and many different countries: from Italy she went overseas, to the United States, in Hollywood she was a model and an actress, then muse of artists and photographers and wife.And then there’s Edward Weston, partner from 1923 to ’26, who introduces her to photography, a faithful companion until her death. 

Morning came clear and brilliant. “I will do some heads of you today, Zinnia.” The Mexican sun, I thought, will reveal everything. Some of the tragedy of our present life may be captured, nothing can be hidden under this cloudless cruel sky. She leaned against a whitewashed wall. I drew close…and kissed her. A tear rolled down her cheek – and then I captured forever the moment… 

– the daybooks of Edward Weston, January 30th 1924


Mexico, a short, sad, stay in Berlin, then Moscow. Writer and militant in the communist party, but above all a witness of great social and cultural changes.

And at the end, there is Pablo Neruda, who wrote to his friend a sweet epitaph.

« Tina Modotti hermana,
no duermes no, no duermes
tal vez tu corazon
oye crecer la rosa
de ayer la ultima rosa
de ayer la nueva rosa
descansa dulcemente hermana.
Puro es tu dulce nombre
pura es tu fragil vida
de abeja sombra fuego
nieve silencio espuma
de acero linea polen
se construyo tu ferrea
tu delgada estructura »

edward weston portrait tina modotti

– portrait of Tina Modotti, by Edward Weston

tina modotti edward weston

– portrait of Edward Weston, by Tina Modotti



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