Saint Petersburg just celebrated the 300th anniversary since its establishment, yet it is difficult to find another city so updated about design and contemporary culture: you can find creative platforms born out from nowhere, and art galleries and specialised bookshops everywhere around the city, making it the Mecca of Russian creatives.

Polpettas Mag welcomes you with a discovering tour around the most interesting design places of the Venice of the North of Peter the Great.

Taiga – Тайга

The creative Platform Taiga was established in 2010 as meeting place for young Russian professionals: in short time, the huge building on Palace Embankment – few steps from the Winter Palace that hosts the Ermitage Museum – has become the hub of the creative life of the city. Concerts, performances, events and vernissage are held every day, animated by the creation of the designers who have decided to open there their own showrooms and laboratories.

taiga - creative platform - Saint Petersburg taiga - creative platform - Saint Petersburg1

Imenno-Lavka – Именно-лавка

Just inside the Taiga space you can find the interior architecture and design firm Imenno-Lavka: beyond developing great interior projects, the firm has created a concept store with selected items from emerging Russian designers, and developed a delicate and relaxing space in a perfect harmony with all the other spaces.

imenno-design - Saint Petersburg 1 imenno-design - Saint Petersburg

Among the objects on sale there are also several creations from Yarolsav Misonzhnikov, a Russian designer famous all around the world for his works made with natural materials such as wood and marble. He’s also a contributor of Tutdesign, one of the most famous blog of arts and design in Russia. Little items by Imenno-Design, as phone cover, postcards, penholders… are on sale as a perfect souvenir! [photo ©Tutdesign]


Bookshop Podpisnye Izdaniya

This bookshop opened its doors in 1962 and since then its commitment is focused on looking for the most interesting editions about everything, both in Russian and in foreign languages: from photography to design, from cooking to novels, from travels to arts.

It’s present a wide range of publications, not only books: there are also a lot of magazines – you can find international journals such as Kinfolk Magazine – and a lot of stationery items, usually produced by local designers.

If you are planning to spend there a long time, there is also a little cafe, where you can sip a delicious Russian tea, while you browse your new purchases.

podpisnye isdaniya - subscriptions - bookshop - Saint Petersburg

podpisnye isdaniya - subscriptions - bookshop - Saint Petersburg 1

Bulthaup Design Gallery 

Starting like a flagship store just few years after the USSR collapse, the Bulthaup Design Gallery has then become one of the places of worship for design in Saint Petersburg.

Through the years it has evolved in a concept store, where famous international brands find place: Hermés, Grange, Aga and many others. The bookshop is something worth seeing, there you can find not only books about design world, but also a huge offer of limited editions. [photo ©BulthaupGallery]

bulthaup book cafe saint petersburg

Loft Project ETAGI

A palace in the hearth of the city that hosts exhibitions, fairs, performances, a design hostel and, cherry on the top, an amazing rooftop bar from which you can enjoy a stunning view on Saint Petersburg: could you imagine anything more amazing than this for the last stop of our tour?!

Borne in 2007 from the idea of a group of creative talents, it has become one of the most important meeting point for all who are committed in design. [photos ©Loft Project Etagi]

Loft Project ETAGI_saint petersburg Loft Project ETAGI_saint petersburg.jpg