The main characters: ugly food. The stage: a kitchen. And there it is, a raw sweet potato falls from the top, to turn into puffy golden gnocchi. It’s Vertical recipes project, a video recipe to show all the vertical potential and, for once, also the beauty, of ugly vegetables.

There are eight hands to call the shots here: the ones of Silvia Rossi and Daniel Paida Larsen [aka BOM-Billions of Millions ] on direction and photography, and the ones of Valentina Raffaelli and Alice Spadaro [heart and soul of Internoconcucina design collective] on styling.

BOM-Billions of Millions is a collective moving between photography and video while they’re moving between Milan and Oslo. The gaze of Silvia and Daniel inspects and investigates, to tell stories in a way always different, always unique.

Internoconcucina was born in Amsterdam from the encounter of two Italian expat designers, who  share not only the same profession but also the passion for food. Valentina and Alice’s projects [art direction, styling, illustration, among other things] come out from their everyday life and their family traditions.

Some shots coming from Vertical recipes gave life to a super tasty photographic project published on Polpettas On Paper #ZERO, and to its cover too.

Don’t miss out all the latest from ☞ BOM-Billions of Millions + Internoconcucina.


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