The new tenant of VitraHaus’ first floor is Allard Pierson and he has decided to rely on Jasper Morrison for the design of his new apartment. The English architect is famous for the Super Normal manifesto, developed along with Naoto Fukasawa.

Allard Pierson is an abstract artist from every point of view: he creates abstract sculptures, which are, unfortunately, no more interesting for the market, and so he has decided to keep them at home. Besides, he’s even more abstract because he actually does not exist. The tenant of the VitraHaus in Weil Am Rhein is not a real person indeed, he is outcome of the imagination of Jasper Morrison.

The English designer, as he clearly stated in his manifesto, believes that “design has to be a project of objects that cope directly with reality”: the idea to create an environment without knowing who was going to live there was not for him, so Allard Pierson appeared.

For Pierson, Morrison has defined a wide open space of 150 square meters, that is a living room, a studio and an office. In this area neutral colors and furniture harmonically deal with some colorful items, created by important designers such as Verner Panton and Konstantin Grcic. Certainly Morrison tried to customize the space with his style: we find many of his furniture, like the modular sofa Soft, the Rotary tray and the Cork Family stools. There are also some referrals to the Super Normal philosophy, such as the carpentry working table, that underlines the concept according to which design has to be directly linked with artisan work.

The flat of Allard Pierson is not only the home of the artist, but it is also the place where he seldom invites friends over for dinner or where he shows his collection of sculptures to whom is interest in buying them. It is a place where work and private life meet and mix, making all the design items “super normal” furniture, because they are used to make artist’s every day life a bit easier.

Morrison’s VitraHaus installation is on from November 19th and can be visited everyday from 10 to 18, along with Vitra Campus, Vitra Design Museum, Vitra Schaudepot and Vitra Slide Tower.  jasper-morrison-vitrahaus-design-interiors-homeware-furniture-installationjasper-morrison-vitrahaus-design-interiors-furniture-installation-

jasper-morrison-vitrahaus-design-interiors-furniture-installation_ jasper-morrison-vitrahaus-design-interiors-furniture-installation jasper-morrison-vitrahaus-design-interiors-homeware-furniture_ jasper-morrison-vitrahaus-design-interiors-homeware-furniture- jasper-morrison-vitrahaus-design-interiors-homeware-furniture-installation_ jasper-morrison-vitrahaus-design-interiors-homeware-furniture-installation-